What Really Happens When We Over Think?


This topic came to me a few weeks ago when I was in a small independent cafe having a coffee with a great friend of mine. On the counter, they had a competition to win a Christmas hamper if we donated. I saw it and immediately went for it with no hesitations. To enter, there was a large piece of paper with a hundred squares drawn on it with a number in each corner. We had to choose a box and put our name and phone number in it. Later on, they would do a raffle and whichever number they pulled out would be the winner. I won. 

When I went into that cafe my inner being immediately said, "this looks like fun, let's play!" and so I did. When I looked at the numbers I saw number forty-nine first and did not second guess myself, I just put my name and number in the box. If I would have allowed myself to second guess, I would have gone for a more rounded number or an even one. 
Our minds are very powerful and very instinctive. It keeps us safe, it helps us experience joy and what we want and it gives us to a way to decipher our decisions but what happens if we listen purely within our minds and never listen to our heart? Many people will tell you that the matters of the heart are more within your best interest and that you should always 'listen to your heart'. This is so true... 

Living through ego rather than the soul 
When we live purely by listening to our own mind we most often miss out on what our heart has to say and it is our heart that always has our best interest. The ego works through the selfish premise of 'I', whereas the souls work through a more giving and loving premise. The more we listen to our egos, the less likely it is that we will hear what is actually best for us because of what we have learned in our lifetime so far, as opposed to what the ego thinks we need to better ourselves when being judged by others. 



  Did you ever hear your teachers say, "always go with your first answer because that is normally the right one"? My teacher told me this all the time. This is because the universe has given us the answer and it is up to us to trust ourselves and not let our ego take over. When we overthink, we are stopping our divine guidance from getting in. Usually, when we ask ourselves something we are given the answer right away but if we allow ourselves to second guess and doubt the answer then we have immediately let our ego take over and stop our inner beings from guiding us. The answer to life's questions is always within us, trying to tell us where to go and what to do to guide us to what we asked for. If we listen to our hearts and not always our minds we will get to where we want to go, every time. 

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