What is the P.A.L. Technique? 


The PAL (Partner Assisted Lucidity) technique is a unique one, in that it's a technique that doesn’t just explore lucid dreams, it lets you explore them with a partner. It’s good for those who have had…

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How Pythagorean Works on Sound Healing


Pythagoras of Samos, Greece, was not only one of the greatest mathematicians and philosophers of all time, he was an extremely accomplished musician too. His instrument of choice was the kithara which is an ancient form of the guitar…

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What Is the Law of Action?


Over the years, the Law of Attraction has become vastly popular. However, the more this law is catching people's attention the more the other Universal laws in our Universe are being left in the dark and leaving some…

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What Are The Dangers of Lucid Dreaming? 

Many people are wary of lucid dreaming and worry that there are dangers linked to it but the truth is, there are no immediate dangers to lucid dreams themselves but there are a few things to be aware of…

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How to Manifest Your Own Beauty


We are surrounded by people picking holes in themselves about their appearance and about themselves in general. In fact, we are also surrounded by people picking holes in each other... even people they don’t know. Magazines and tabloids…

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What is Tibetan Dream Yoga?


Meditation is not for everyone (or so they say) but if you are not one to practice it or you just simply don't have time but know of its benefits, then this is a method that may be worth…

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What is the Jump Program?


If you're a fan of The Matrix films then you will have heard of the Jump Program. The Jump Program refers to the idea of going within our own mind and trusting that we have the ability…

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What is Dream Spinning?


One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to lucid dreaming is managing to stay within it in order to explore our subconscious mind. This is due to that moment when you say, 'I'm dreaming!' and the surprise of…

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When Is The Best Time To Visualize?


In line with our discussions on manifestation in previous blog articles, 'Visualizing' is one of the greatest tools one can use. Our mind allows us to create the life that we think will make us the happiest and…

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What Is the science behind Lucid Dreaming? 


There have been many studies over the years and a lot of research undertaken when it comes to what lucid dreaming is all about and how they occur. It is in these studies that have allowed more closed minded…

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Silene Capensis, The Dream Herb

Silene Capensis has been used for many years in South Africa by various tribes. It is a white flower that only opens at night and when it does it releases a fragrance that is considered to be very hypnotic and…

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