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How Pythagorean Works on Sound Healing


Pythagoras of Samos, Greece, was not only one of the greatest mathematicians and philosophers of all time, he was an extremely accomplished musician too. His instrument of choice was the kithara which is an ancient form of the guitar. He…

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What Are The Spiritual Benefits of Lucid Dreaming? 


There is a spiritual link between lucid dreaming and growing within our spirituality because, in reality, most people live their lives asleep. When we teach ourselves to awaken in our dreams we are also teaching ourselves to be more awake…

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What Is the Law of Action?


Over the years, the Law of Attraction has become vastly popular. However, the more this law is catching people's attention the more the other Universal laws in our Universe are being left in the dark and leaving some people wondering…

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How to Manifest Your Own Beauty


We are surrounded by people picking holes in themselves about their appearance and about themselves in general. In fact, we are also surrounded by people picking holes in each other... even people they don’t know. Magazines and tabloids are full…

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What is Tibetan Dream Yoga?


Meditation is not for everyone (or so they say) but if you are not one to practice it or you just simply don't have time but know of its benefits, then this is a method that may be worth looking…

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Can Our Dreams Help Create Our Manifestations? 


Dreams reveal our inner, most precious desires and we can use them to guide ourselves to the place that we want to be within our lives. They are a perfect tool for our manifestations. There is a flowing current within…

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When Is The Best Time To Visualize?


In line with our discussions on manifestation in previous blog articles, 'Visualizing' is one of the greatest tools one can use. Our mind allows us to create the life that we think will make us the happiest and so it…

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How To Manifest On A Larger Scale


We are all constantly manifesting, and thus we are called "manifesters". For some, though, they find it easy to manifest those little things like free meals or clothes, just material things, but how do we cross that line into manifesting…

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How Important is Our Intuition? 


Our intuition is one of the most important things that we carry around with us. We all have intuition throughout our day. Some people get it a lot whilst others rarely feel that urge but the more we listen to…

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The Art of Manifesting at Its Best 


We are all constantly manifesting. Day in and day out. Many do not realize that they are doing this and seem to think that life comes and goes as it does and that some things happen that they enjoy, whilst…

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Using 'Surrender' to Enter the Supermind 


Our body and our mind is a very powerful thing. Our mind creates ideas and our body tells us if they are in line with the Universe. When we manifest illness, disease or physical pain, it is our bodies way…

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How Do We Experience the Soul?


We can connect with our soul in many ways. We feel its presence every day even if we do not know that we are feeling it. It is always there because it is what we really are. Our soul has…

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How Can We Control the 'Monkey Mind'? 


It was the Buddha, over 2,500 years ago that began teaching people about the power of their mind so that they could live out their life in peace and in harmony. It was him who described the human mind as…

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What Is a Mantra and Why Do We Need It? 

A mantra is a word or series of words that we repeat. It was originally found in Hinduism and Buddism and can be broken down into two words. 'Man' means the mind and 'tra' means transport. It means that a…

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What Are Soul Groups and Why Do We Need Them?


If you have ever come across someone and felt a deep sense of already knowing them then chances are you have experienced meeting someone that you once knew in a past life or someone from your soul group. As groups…Read more

Exploring the Walk-In Experience


A walk-in experience is a soul exchange where a new soul takes up residence in the body of a soul that wishes to leave. There are reasons a soul can walk-out, sometimes the life circumstances are too much to bear…

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What Is Avesa and How Can It Benefit Us? 


The word Avesa is Sanskrit, meaning 'to enter another body'. It is a word we do not often hear. It means to enter another body for a specific purpose. There is a classic tale told of Avesa where the Guru…Read more