Lifting Depression with Self-Love

Loving ourselves tends to be something we have to learn over time and should try to practice daily. As we go through the different situations in our lives, we feel pain and we feel hurt. Over time, we tend to hide parts of ourselves away so we do not have to get hurt again. This is the way we naturally protect ourselves and cope. 



Once we become aware of this, we can practice the feeling of self-love. The struggle for some is self-worth, as they do not believe that they deserve to be loved by anyone, let alone, themselves. Once we realize that we deserve to feel a level of self-respect, we can work on doing so. With this comes trust. We have to have a level of belief in ourselves in order to do this, which ultimately, brings us closer to our Source. 
Creating good habits 
When we are feeling disconnected, we are not disconnected from others, we are disconnected from ourselves. The more disconnected we are, the more uncomfortable we feel. This feeling can lead to bad habits and the more we practice self-hatred, the more of a rut we get into. This is how many people suffering from depression describe it as so many no longer recognize themselves. Once self-hatred has been practiced for so long it becomes instinctive and it can seem very difficult to gather ourselves together once more. However, just like getting into a whirlwind of self-hatred, we can also get into one of self-love. It is said that it takes twenty-one days to create a habit and twenty-one days is not a long time to practice a particular level of frequency. 

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Loving ourselves daily 
The reason it feels so tough to pick ourselves up is because when we are that low, we only receive a match to ourselves. If we do not like certain parts of ourselves, we will only receive confirmation on a daily basis as to why we should not like this. This is why self-love should be practiced every day. This can take time but it will become easier as it becomes a natural habit and the higher we get, the more we can rise with others and help them too. 

"Look into your eyes often. Express this growing sense of love you have for yourself. Forgive yourself while looking into the mirror. Talk to your parents while looking into the mirror. Forgive them, too. At least once a day, say, I love you, I really love you!" 
- Louise L. Hay 

According to Louise L. Hay, mirror work is the most successful method to self-love. A lot of us find it difficult to look at ourselves in the mirror, especially in the eye but she encourages we do this daily and tell our reflection that we love ourselves. This can seem like an awkward technique at first but this just tells us where we are when it comes to self-love and the easier it becomes, the more we are beginning to appreciate ourselves. If every day, we can find one thing to focus our attention on that we do like about ourselves, even if it is only small, it will help to match more positive frequencies to ourselves. This will eventually start attracting more positive circumstances and people to us; circumstances in which we can notice our self-worth. 


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Healing Spirit: Music Meditation for Anxiety, Depression & Self Acceptance - Uranus Frequency
The planet Uranus stands for independence and originality, as well as change and renewal. It is also associated with modern means of communication and anything related to technology. This music meditation, along with a binaural beat of 3.9Hz that represents self-renewal, and a carrier frequency of 207.36 which is associated with the orbit of Uranus, brings forth a strong will on freedom and positive inspiration and gives access for us to create inner peace.

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