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How to Manifest Your Own Beauty


We are surrounded by people picking holes in themselves about their appearance and about themselves in general. In fact, we are also surrounded by people picking holes in each other... even people they don’t know. Magazines and tabloids are full…

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The Power of Happiness: How Important It Is For You


Happiness has so many benefits to us. It creates healthy minds and bodies. Happiness warns off diseases, flourishes desires and attracts abundance. Happiness is extremely powerful. 
Sometimes, being happy comes to us naturally and easily, but other times it is…

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Is Running Good For The Soul?


Exercise is great for the body and we should always do things that make us feel great. This can be absolutely anything. All exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Running is particularly successful when it comes…

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Lifting Depression with Self-Love

Loving ourselves tends to be something we have to learn over time and should try to practice daily. As we go through the different situations in our lives, we feel pain and we feel hurt. Over time, we tend to…

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The Importance of Grounding Meditation 


Grounding yourself is a very important technique, which we should all learn about before we decide to start meditating. By doing this, we will grow and develop in a more healthy way. If we continue without grounding ourselves, we can…Read more

Using Your Emotions As A Guide



In order to receive from the universe what it is we have been asking for, we need to be in alignment with the source that is within us all. This is our inner being and our inner being loves everyone…

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What Does It Mean To Practice Well-Being?


The practice of well-being is tough for some people because we are growing in a world where it is important to help others ahead of yourself. For parents, you must put your child first. For spouses, you must put the…

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What Does Finding Yourself Really Mean?


We are all here to create and enjoy our life experience and the best way to do that is to be as happy and joyful as possible. It is fun to feel passion, enthusiasm and positivity and the more you…

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The Importance and Benefits of Deep Breathing


We breathe to keep ourselves alive, of course, but there is a lot more to a single breath than you may first realize. We believe that if we stop breathing, we die. This is obviously correct ,but why? Your breathing…

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Benefits of Binaural Beats for Anxiety Treatment

  Many things in our lives are uncertain. For many, dealing with this uncertainty is normal, and doesn’t really affect that much. However, there are those whose feelings about uncertainty get amplified: At best, it is moderate worry and unease,…Read more