Can Our Dreams Help Create Our Manifestations? 

Dreams reveal our inner, most precious desires and we can use them to guide ourselves to the place that we want to be within our lives. They are a perfect tool for our manifestations. There is a flowing current within our Universe and when we trust in it and flow in its guided direction, we get to where we want to be with great ease. However, when we forcibly push upstream, it is a whole other story. It becomes tiring, and we never get to where we want to be and this is how so many people end up struggling day to day, and mostly giving up in reaching for their specific goals. This constant pushing subconscious action against the Universe stops us from allowing the Universe to bring us what we have asked for and so if we are doing this, the only chance the Universe gets to bring us our desires is while we sleep. 
When we sleep, we are going downstream. We are not pushing against anything unwanted or even pushing too hard on what we do want. We are totally at ease and we get swept up in its current. When we do this, the Universe rushes to us and finally gets to send us guidance, and that reaches us in our dream state. Those dreams are guidance for us in themselves because they reveal to us where we are vibrating. When we know this we can check ourselves and make sure we are following in the footsteps we want to take. 

If we can get into the swing of remembering our dreams or even lucid dreaming we will be able to tell a lot easier if we are in the right head space. For example, if you are having bad dreams about something specific then think about how you felt in the dream.

Where were your emotions?
Were you scared?
Were you lonely?



Your emotions in the dream will indicate what you're feeling inside and if it's negative you can take the right actions to turn something around in your head. Sometimes, when we think of something before bed we dream about it. This is because it's instantly in our vibration and so this makes it a great time for us to visualize and focus on what we are wanting the Universe to bring to us. That way, our dreams can indicate to us what we need to look at. 
One of the best ways to remember our dreams is from meditation. When we meditate it opens our minds up and allows our dreams to become more clear and we, therefore, remember them much better when we wake up. 

Our dreams are never wrong, neither is the Universe. It's so important to trust the information being downloaded to us through our dreams so that we can benefit from them the most. We can also use them as encouragement if we have a great dream that feels positive to us and what we are asking for. All dreams are a guide from the Universe and creating within our dreams or lucid dreams is one of the best, most personal ways to connect with the Universe every night. 



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