How to Manifest Your Own Beauty


We are surrounded by people picking holes in themselves about their appearance and about themselves in general. In fact, we are also surrounded by people picking holes in each other... even people they don’t know. Magazines and tabloids are full of this negative energy that it only seems natural that we want to be ‘perfect’ so that we are not criticized. Sadly, this happens so often that soon people focus more on changing themselves rather than appreciating themselves. 

Appreciating your Body 
When you first look in the mirror, what do you look at? Do you go to a negative or a positive? Many people go to the negative. They either look at their face and see wrinkles, pimples, or large pores. Maybe they don’t even appreciate the color of their skin. Others look at their bodies and pull apart areas that they feel are displaying to them life fatty areas, cellulite, or just the general shape that makes them who they are. 



We are in an attraction-based Universe and when we don't appreciate the beauty that we hold then no one else can. We must create our own beauty for others to also see it. This can be easily turned around once we notice that we’re doing it. 
When we look in the mirror we must appreciate what we see. You can do this by choosing five things to be grateful for that day and this should be something about your body. It can be as general as possible but when we start noticing the wonderful things we are shown more wonderful things because the Universe brings us more of what we think. 
    •    I love that I am tall because people notice me 
    •    I love that my skin is pale because I like wearing soft colors 
    •    I love my curves because I look good in a dress 
    •    I love my long and healthy hair 
    •    I love that I have a body that is full of vitality 

Appreciating your Soul 
When your soul is filled with love then your beauty shines through. A happy person is very beautiful and always will be whereas one who is bitter or who is angry will naturally come across as unattractive. Most of us have experienced something like that within our lives. 
To be able to love our soul we must connect to it, we must meet it and find out all about it. To do this we must find different areas in our life where we will naturally make that connection. One of them is meditating. When we meditate we quiet the false premises that exist in our mind and when we do that our soul then steps forward. Our soul was always there it was just in the background and unable to speak. Meditation allows the soul to act in all its beauty and therefore, we can begin living a life in full connection to it. 
Another way to feel this connection is by giving. Our soul is made of love and when we give we are doing exactly what the soul wants to do. We all have something to offer and it doesn't need to be material things. We can make someone laugh, we can be a listening ear. Anything that we can give will help us feel our connection to the Universe. 
We are all beautiful individuals but only a few people really see this. It is so important that we see ourselves in all the abundance that we are. We are all beautiful beings and we have come to this earth to create and to love. When we love others, they love us. When we see our beauty, they see our beauty.  We can manifest our own beauty when we learn to appreciate what we are. When we start to see small parts of us that are wonderful the Universe will show us more.



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