Discovering The Path of Least Resistance


We all have goals that we wish to reach. Some are for the distant future and some are for the near future. We can have all of these. Some of us want to lose a little weight, others want to land that perfect job or get that promotion. Some of us want to find the perfect environment to live in and some of us want to create wealth. These are all things we can achieve and easily, too, but how much are you trying to force it as opposed to allowing it to reach us? 
What is resistance?
The universe flows freely and if we trust it, we flow with it. When we step in and try to control this, we are resisting the natural energy flow that surrounds us. For example, if we are looking for a new job and applying online every night, searching every day and wearing ourselves out, we are creating resistance. It may feel like we are doing the right thing by looking and sometimes we are if we are looking with eagerness and enthusiasm, but after doing this for a while it can become frustrating and make us lose confidence in our own selves. If we continue to search miserably for that job we will never find it. This does not mean to say that we will not find a job, we just will not find the job. 

How can we take the path of least resistance?
We can affirm to ourselves that the right job is on its way and we can be excited about it. We do not always have to push against everything in order to receive it because the universe knows what it is that you want. If we take steps in being grateful for what we currently have then we will line ourselves up with our desires. Be grateful for your current job or be grateful to have a little time off. Do not put stress on anything else and enjoy the unfolding. 



  Trust in the universe and trust in your own power. It is all out there for us and the more we try to intervene, the more we stress ourselves out and stop allowing our desires to get to us. By allowing the universe to give us what we have asked for, we are taking the path of least resistance. The path feels natural, it feels light and effortless, it feels fun and it feels joyful. If, after a while, we have lost enthusiasm in job hunting we can allow ourselves to take a different path because if we are being honest with ourselves, we know when things start to feel like a struggle. At this point, we can relax. We can make choices. We can search when it feels like the right thing to do and when it feels fun and when it does not take a different approach. Do something that feels fun again. Whatever it is that we desire there are many ways for us to receive but if we push against the current we cannot let a single one of those come to us.

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