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How Pythagorean Works on Sound Healing


Pythagoras of Samos, Greece, was not only one of the greatest mathematicians and philosophers of all time, he was an extremely accomplished musician too. His instrument of choice was the kithara which is an ancient form of the guitar. He…

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What Is Avesa and How Can It Benefit Us? 


The word Avesa is Sanskrit, meaning 'to enter another body'. It is a word we do not often hear. It means to enter another body for a specific purpose. There is a classic tale told of Avesa where the Guru…Read more

The Benefits Of A Power Nap

Sleep is a very vital part of our well-being as it a release of resistance. I am sure we can all think of a time where we felt upset or unsettled and felt a lot better after sleeping it off…

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The Importance of Relaxation

Relaxation is very important, not just because it is fun to do so, but because it is so good for our mindset and well-being. It is not pleasant for anyone to live a life full of anxiety and stress, with…

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An Alternative Way To Overcoming Pain

There are many ways we can heal or relieve pain. Many modern routes these days take a medical approach but what does this actually achieve? If we are hurting, we are hurting for a reason so we should try to…

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