What Are The Spiritual Benefits of Lucid Dreaming? 


There is a spiritual link between lucid dreaming and growing within our spirituality because, in reality, most people live their lives asleep. When we teach ourselves to awaken in our dreams we are also teaching ourselves to be more awake in everyday life too. The original form of this was first seen in Tibetan Dream Yoga which was developed at least 1,000 years ago. 

It makes little difference whether or not we practice spirituality when we begin to lucid dream. Many people don't but have become interested in it once they awaken. For those who do practice their spirituality, it will become considerably more intense. 



When we practice lucid dreaming it helps to raise our awareness, even if we don't realize it and there are so many similarities between becoming aware that you're dreaming and becoming aware of what the world is around us. When we awaken we see everything so much clearer, the flowers are brighter, the smells are sweeter, and it is the same when we become aware in our dreams. 

“Lucid Dreaming certainly makes you a more enlightened person. You learn to be in the present moment and to notice your surroundings and take in things without being sidetracked by random thoughts or the past or the future." 

- Dr. Beverly D’Urso 

Creating who's around us 

Using our lucid dreams we can practice the art of bringing people towards us. If you understand how the Universe works then you'll understand that everything is a reflection on you and that includes the people that migrate around you throughout the day. Some people like to find people in their dreams or meet new people or create new characters. This is something that can be done in waking life too in order for us to study our own selves. For example, if we can create happy people around us then we must be in a happy positive place. 

Looking for answers 

Looking for insight into your dreams can also help increase awareness. When we look for answers in our dreams we also look for them when we are awake. Most lucid dreamers like to observe things, find meaning in things and interpret them. This can also be said for people who live awake. They look at their surroundings, knowing they are their manifestations and try to interpret their meanings and why they subconsciously created them. This is all for the reasons of soul developing and enlightenment. 

Becoming aware in dreams is a springboard to enlightenment. It gives us a place to feel safe in order to find and create our realities. It also gives us a place to have our ego out of the way in order to create fully with our spirit which, for most people, is the reason they struggle with spirituality in the first place. The ego not only gets in the way, it fools many people into thinking that it is the heart that they hear when it's not. Lucid dreamings give us a free space to create and develop ourselves in order to be aware in the physical.



Lucid Dreaming Music: "Dream Paradise" - Deep Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Imagination 

Using a variety of binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies aimed to help you achieve good sleep and have lucid dreams, this 8-hour music track is divided into four sections. In the first 2 hours, “Into The Paradise of Dreams”, it has frequencies that range from 3-13Hz (Alpha-Theta range) to help calm your mind and feel deeply relaxed. It will also give effects of stress reduction, relaxed awareness, the release of serotonin, and an induction to sleep spindles. It also contains triggers for creativity and imagery and access to subconscious images as you doze off. 

The second and third sections, “The Garden of Iris” and “Drifting Clouds in Paradise” contain more of the Theta waves, which are also present in dreaming, sleep, deep meditation and creative inspiration. As you have fallen asleep, the binaural beats tap into your subconsciousness and will prepare your mind for a lucid dream state. 

The fourth and last section, The Crystalline Valley" returns itself to the Alpha range with a mix of Theta and Delta. This is where deep sleep occurs and more often than not, the dream state and there is a decreased awareness of the physical world. This section also contains the Earth Resonance or Schumann Resonance, which will leave you feeling revitalized upon waking up.



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