What is Tibetan Dream Yoga?

Meditation is not for everyone (or so they say) but if you are not one to practice it or you just simply don't have time but know of its benefits, then this is a method that may be worth looking into.

Dream yoga sometimes gets confused with lucid dreaming but it is, in fact, very different. Dream yoga was created by the Tibetan Buddhists who believed that instead of falling asleep each night as we all do, we should instead use that time to practice “waking up.” They believed that most people spend their whole lives asleep and by practicing dream yoga we, in fact, spend a large percentage of our day meditating, which of course is good for our mind, our body, and our soul. The more we shut off the ego and open the soul, the more we will feel peace within our lives and live in harmony. 


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The Stages
Dream yoga is when you wake up inside of the dream as if you were lucid dreaming, but instead of doing what a lot of people do in lucid dreams, which is to have fun and experiment, you actually stop that and start training your mind instead. Dream yoga is taught by qualified masters and anyone can learn how to do it, but there are specific stages and once you have reached one level, you will need to progress on to the next: 
            1.    Learning how to remember your dreams 
            2.    Learning how to wake up in them 
            3.    Learning to train your mind in the dream 
            4.    Learning how to stay awake in a dreamless sleep 

Before you fall asleep, take a look at your day. Think and focus on anything you regret, anything you're grateful for or anything you appreciate. This will allow you to take it into the dream and is one of the first simple steps to getting started without needing your own teacher yet. 

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Using dream yoga at the 'end' 
Dream yoga teaches us how to wake up in our dreams- consciously. We can be awake to the wonders of the Universe, which Tibetan Buddhists believe it to be the same experience as death, and therefore, dream yoga is also one of the best ways to prepare for it. According to the Buddhists, the experience of death and the experience of dreams is identical and therefore they believe we can eliminate sleep altogether and even death itself, because we are always living in the light- or within our conscious minds. 
Although you would need a teacher for something like this, it is definitely worth considering to experience. When we meditate, we transform our lives and if we live fully awake we will only see heaven on earth. It will bring awareness to you completely and keep you in the light. Buddhist monks believe that sleeping is living in darkness, or ignorance, whereas if we can teach ourselves to be aware in our dreams we can be aware in life, too.

Tibetan dream yoga encourages a spiritual awakening itself and if you have already had one, it will encourage you to grow even more and live totally within the awakened mind.


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