Lucid Dreaming: What is the Cycle Adjustment Technique? 


The Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT) was developed by Daniel Love who is an expert when it comes to lucid dreaming. This technique involves finding ways to naturally influence lucid dreams by playing around the with the chemistry of your body. This requires adjusting your natural REM sleep cycles in order for you to be more aware. When this technique is used it is known to induce lucid dreams most nights so therefore, it is extremely popular. It takes a week of preparation but nothing too taxing. The first couple of nights may be a struggle but I promise it does get easier! 
Week One
On your first week set your alarm 90 minutes before your normal waking time. For example, if you need to be up at 7.00 am then set your alarm for 5.30 am. Do this every day for one week. You won’t lucid dream within this week as this step is simply resetting your body clock. 



When you wake up you must make sure you stay awake and get up- don’t go back to bed! This can be tough the first night because you’re not used to it but it’ll certainly get easier and your body clock adjusts. You can do reality checks in this time and keep asking yourself, ‘am I dreaming?’ 

Week Two 
After week one is complete you can then alternate your waking times. Set your alarm for your normal 7.00 am start every other day and on the days in between set it for 5.30 am again. Before you go to sleep each night tell yourself that you will wake up at your earlier time (5.30 am) even if you are planning on setting your alarm at 7.00 am. Tell yourself you will wake up 90 minutes earlier anyway. 
What happens is that your body will expect to wake up early so your mind will become conscious whilst you are still asleep which can induce a lucid dream. When this technique was used in an experiment it taught 8 out of 10 students how to have lucid dreams within just two weeks so it’s proven to be very popular. It also doesn’t involve too much homework. The only thing you must make sure you do (which can be tough) is to get yourself up and out of bed early! This is made easier if you go to be at the same time every night and make sure you have an early night. 
If you do happen to wake up early on days when you should be sleeping just remain very still and calm and do some reality checks. This will increase your chances of being able to do reality checks when you are sleeping which as we know, induces lucidity. 
This technique is actually really simple and easy to do and doesn’t need to affect your working day and once week one is out of the way it get’s interesting! Many people have documented their success with this technique and so can you.



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