What Can We Do To Clear Our Aura?

When we have blockages within our aura we suffer from mood swings, irritability and a general sense of imbalance. If our aura is muddy or if negative energy is attached to ours we can feel tired and heavy. There are a few different methods when it comes to cleaning our auras so it is important to find the best one for you so that it feels enjoyable to do. 
Visualizing the aura
The first method is to simply visualize the aura that we have around us. The best way to do this is to start with a meditation and get totally relax and at peace. Totally clear the mind. Once you have got to this stage, visualize a white light around your body. Imagine this white light totally surrounding you and flowing through you. See how pure it is and how clear it is. It is totally pure positive energy. Hold this image for as long as you need to until you feel a sense of peace. 


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Getting rid of negative thoughts
It is normal for negative thoughts to come to us and some have this more than others. It is a habit that we all have probably sunk into but habits can always be changed. Try to keep an eye of your thoughts more often and if they are negative either turn them around to focus on the positive or stop thinking them all together. Distract yourself and get those negative thoughts out of your mind. This can take a lot of practice because negative thought patterns can seem so normal to us but it can muddy your aura. By changing the way you think it shall start to naturally cleanse the energy around you. 

Create a protection bubble
When we have good energy around us it can be all too easy for someone to come in penetrate it. Usually, the stronger our energy is the more difficult it is for another to interfere but some believe negative energy can get stuck. This method is best done in the morning. Upon awakening imagine a divine light shining down on you. Take this light and let it connect to your crown chakra and then flow through your body to your feet. Now your aura is totally protected for the day. 
Smudging the aura
This method is a Native American practice which uses white sage. You can burn white sage in your home or any environment to cleanse any unwanted energy. This method is best used when you are feeling drained, you have had a negative experience or your have had many people over to your home because their energy will be left behind. 
When we have a clear aura we see a massive difference in ourselves. This may take some time to get the hang of and it may be that there is a lot of energy that needs to be shifted but that is okay. Sometimes it can take a bit of time to reorganize our thoughts and get rid of any bad energy but once it is done it will not take much when it comes to topping ourselves up and realigning ourselves.  Once we have achieved this we feel light and uplifted and there is a natural sense of calmness and balance and also clarity within the mind. We also have lots more energy for our day ahead.


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