Are We Listening To The Subtle Nudges From The Universe?


Our souls are always in alignment, they are naturally aligned and they came into this physical experience wanting to feel that and create within that. It is because of our minds, (our egos) that we tend to stray from that but lucky for us, the universe always has our back and is always trying to encourage us and lead us towards the path of least resistance. 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience"
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 



Speaking from experience 
This was brought to my attention a few weeks ago when I was blessed with some great conversation with a very powerful teacher. It was her who told me about these subtle nudges and after I took this into account I suddenly started noticing this. I was sat at my computer doing some writing, everything was going for about an hour, this was when I started to feel tired. I carried on working till I started to feel hungry. I ignored that and carried on until I started to then feel cold. After about ten minutes of feeling cold and hungry, I realized that this was the universe's way of telling me to get up and take a break because my tiredness towards writing was misaligning me and it is always encouraging guiding me to stay in tune. After having breakfast and a nice hot shower I sat back down to write and I once again felt inspired. 

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The Ego playing its part 
The reason we can find it so tough to listen to our gut is because the ego, or the mind, can be so loud and because it is so loud it sometimes becomes easier to listen to it over our souls. Ignoring the ego can be very tiresome at first but this is just something that takes practice. After all, we live in a world where most people live through the ego and ignore the soul so it is natural to do the same. Our world teaches us to work harder, earn the most, buy the most and seek the most. However, it is far more fulfilling to receive all it is we desire through the universes hands rather than through the hands of man and it will certainly be more fun. If we listen more to our soul and less to our ego we can live a happier life. 
It is nice to know that the universe has our back, like a best friend that always goes out of their way to make us smile. This seems like it could be tough at first because maybe some of us are not used to listening to our instincts but once we start to develop this into a habit it becomes really fun. Once we all start doing this we can never go back and it becomes a lot easier to ignore the ego. Over time, it will become instinctual to be the creator we were all born to be, and be able to create within the power of the universe rather than our own minds.

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