Can Certain Types of Music Encourage Our Body to Heal?


When we listen to music it encourages our brain to release dopamine. This affects our emotions and our perceptions because it is a feel-good chemical that assists in helping the central nervous system. We all know that feeling of putting on a great song whilst out walking or in the gym or just driving home. It gives us the feeling of elation. It gives us that 'I can do anything' feeling.

Music is a wonderful tool for any of the following: 
•          Falling asleep 
•          Relaxing 
•          Meditating 
•          Getting inspired 
•          Reduce Stress 
•          Relieve Pain 
It has also been proven to help with the heart rate and breathing. When we listen to music that we enjoy it allows the blood vessels to relax and open up which ultimately helps us to keep a steady heart right, a steady pulse, and healthy breathing patterns. 



The different types of music 
There are so many different varieties of music out there and they all affect our energy. If something we are listening to seems sad to us then it can put us in a negative frame of mind. It can leave us feeling sad and depressed and we can carry that emotion with us for quite a while. This is why music is so powerful. It can bring memories back to us, some good and some bad which is why it is important to listen to music that gives you those good goosebumps. 
Music can also be very healing when it comes to feeling pain. It can be a great distraction if we are feeling uncomfortable physically or mentally. If we are anxious it can relax us and calm us down, and if we are feeling physical discomfort it can put our mind to other things once we know what music works for us. 

"What counts is familiarity, musical taste, and the kinds of memories, feelings, and associations a piece of music brings to the mind. Some people relax to classical music, others like Mood Blues. The key is to individualize your music selections." 
- Suzanne Hanser, EdD, Chairperson of Music therapy 


What works for you? 
When we hear good, happy and uplifting music it puts us in a happy mood with happy thoughts, and happy thoughts lead to happy cells. When our cells are in vibrational harmony with our inner being it encourages healing and the releasing of any negative blockages that may be in the body. This was proven by the musician Fabien Maman who showed us that our blood cells respond to the sound and frequency of music by changing color and shape. This proved that they could be healed. 
There are so many different types of music out there. There is always something to cheer us up, relax us, get us feeling inspired, whatever works for the individual is a great way of healing the body. There is also great varieties of calming music to help us fall asleep and stay asleep, keep us relaxed, get us feeling inspired and make us spring out of bed. Music is a healing tool altogether and we can use it to its advantage daily. It is available to the majoring of us and it works for each individual so take advantage and enjoy the benefits!


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