What Are The Dangers of Lucid Dreaming? 


Many people are wary of lucid dreaming and worry that there are dangers linked to it but the truth is, there are no immediate dangers to lucid dreams themselves but there are a few things to be aware of when diving into the lucid world fingertips first. 

Becoming obsessed with lucid dreaming 
Some people find it fun to lucid dream and look forward to exploring them every night but for others, it becomes like a drug and is a place to escape to when they don't want to live in the real work and face their current realities. 



Not knowing truth from dreams 
When lucid dreaming is being over practiced it has been known for some people to begin finding confusion in what's reality and what's a dream. Some dream memories become blended with real memories which cause frustration and confusion. This happens to some people occasionally where they feel something's happened only to remember that it was actually a dream! Overdoing the lucid dreaming can cause this to become constant. 

Taking control from the dream world to reality 
In our lucid dreams, we have the ability to control everything and everyone that's around us. We can pick and choose it all. So, when people then come back to their waking reality they subconsciously try to control what's around them and when they fail it can become uncomfortable. 

Becoming Overtired 
REM sleep is extremely important to us and we need it to function in the day. When we begin to lack it, it can affect us.  When we lucid dream we stretch the time between REM sleep which makes us feel exhausted. The more people continue to frequently experience lucid dreams the more tired they become. 

Unable to stop 
It is also possible to begin finding it difficult to get back to a regular sleeping pattern after we have created the ability to lucid dream so frequently. If you are feeling tired due to lack of REM sleep and you're wanting to get a proper night sleep then you may struggle to create a healthier sleeping pattern for yourself and it can take some time to balance yourself again, but by using the Law of Attraction you can soon manifest a better nights sleep. 

False Awakenings 
We've talked about false here before where you dream that you've awoken but haven't and may experience some sleep paralysis. This can be due to lack of sleep so if you've been getting little REM sleep then it's likely to occur but it will settle as you eventually find more sleep. 

There really are no specific dangers to lucid dreaming, despite what people think, but there are dangers around irregular sleeping patterns and confusion with what's real and what isn't. Know your limits and know what's healthy for your mind. It's probably not best to do this every night, maybe choose a day in the week and use it only for lucid dreaming and get regular sleep the other 6 nights so that you're still getting the sleep that you need whilst enjoying the lucid world too. 


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Sleep well and we hope you enjoy your dreamscape journey through the Universe.


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