Techniques For Finding An Exit In Your Dreams


We write a lot about how to induce lucid dreams and also about how to keep your lucid dream going for as long as possible but what if the lucid dream you are having is unpleasant? Many people suffer from nightmares these days which are caused by unconscious worrying and underlining fear. These nightmares serve a purpose because they are making us aware of our deepest fears so that we can change our vibration around them but what if we feel like we are stuck in this nightmare and want to purposely wake ourselves up? 
Setting an alarm 
If you are someone who has nightmares a lot then it can help to set an alarm for every 90 minutes because this is the time that REM sleep sets in which is when you will begin to dream. This technique isn’t something you want to do all the time because REM sleep is so beneficial but in particular times of stress when you are going through cycles of having a bad dream, this will create an instant exit from the dream by waking you up. 



Setting forth intentions 
Before you fall asleep you can set forth the intention that if you want to wake up you can do something specific within the lucid dream in order to do so. You can actually do this with anything you like, for example: 
    •    When I jump I will wake up 

    •    When I lay down I will wake up 

    •    When I run I will wake up 
You can also tell yourself that when you see a door you can leave the dream. This technique is very easy and very popular. Before you go to sleep tell yourself that if you see a door you can leave the dream through it and you will wake up. 

Blinking in the Dream 
This is similar to setting forth an intention. Before you fall asleep you can tell yourself that when you are lucid dreaming and you blink you will wake up. This may not happen at first but it is something that will eventually work. 
Sleeping in the light 
For those who are prone to bad dreams then sleeping with a light on will certainly make it easier to awaken because when we sleep in the light we don’t sleep as deeply as we could if we were in pitch black. So, by doing this, if you do begin to have a dream that you’d like to exit then having light around you will certainly help you to do this. 
Some people only have the occasional unpleasant dream whether it be lucid or not, whereas for other it is constant and therefore they rarely get any good sleep. These techniques have been proven to work with your REM cycles to ensure that not only can you always wake yourself up but also to make sure that you still get the rest you need to get through the day because it's literally exhausting to find the energy to get on with your day on so little sleep. If this is you then try one of these techniques and see which one works best for you. 


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