What are Mnemonic Inductions of Lucid Dreams? 


Mnemonic Inductions (MILD) was created by Dr. Stephen LaBerge of The Lucidity Institute. He did this whilst studying at University because he wanted to be able to have Lucid Dreams on demand. This program is now shared with everyone across the globe and is particular successful especially for those who are just starting out on their dream journey. 



Dream Affirmations 
This technique increases our self-awareness so that it is easier to be able to tell when we’re dreaming. This is done by setting intentions for ourselves before we sleep so that we know we’re dreaming. For example, when you go to bed tonight you can say to yourself, ‘when I see a red door I will know I am dreaming.’ 
Before you go to sleep tonight go through your dream affirmations. These can be anything but here are some examples:   

  • I will have a lucid dream tonight 
  • I will dream of a beach tonight 
  • I will see this person in my dream tonight 
  • I am dreaming now 
  • When I wake up I will remember my dreams

Visualizing your dreams 
Many people visualize to create and set forth a motion to the Universe to bring something to them. This is a little like that except you are visualizing to set forth the intentions in your dream.  It is best to do this stage when you are feeling totally relaxed in bed and probably just before you fall asleep. To do this, go back to a previous dream in your mind but rewrite the ending. For example, if you dreamt you were with someone then change what they said in your mind- change it to something you really like. Also, when you visualize this try to do it with as much clarity as possible. Try to remember every little detail within the dream. You can even add in your dream cue like your red door. Once you have done this then you can tell yourself, ‘I’m dreaming!’ 
As you are doing this you’re likely to fall asleep but this is a good thing because you really want these types of thoughts to be in your vibration as you fall asleep. Once you have done this you have a much better chance of having a lucid dream. If it doesn’t happen on the first night then try it again the next day. Even if a lucid dream hasn’t happened it is defiantly more likely that you will wake up and remember your dreams a lot more clearly than you normally would which then sets the ball rolling in the right direction. 
LaBerge's technique has been the most successful for beginners because it’s so easy to do and it doesn’t take up a whole chunk of your day. One of the complaints you hear about people wanting to lucid dream is that they don’t have time to follow all these techniques and guidelines during the day because they’re simply too busy and that’s understandable. This technique is very basic and only requires a notebook and a bed. We can record our dreams in the morning and visualize before we go to sleep for us to be able to progress down this road. This technique is great for everyone.


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