What is the Jump Program?

If you're a fan of The Matrix films then you will have heard of the Jump Program. The Jump Program refers to the idea of going within our own mind and trusting that we have the ability to do things that our physical bodies can not do- like jumping off a building without dying and flying. 
The Movie reference 
This movie borrowed it's ideas from various religions whilst it was being written, including such religions like the Mahayana, Descartes, and Buddhism. Each religion teaches separation from one's physical self and one's true self. 


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If you can remember, in the first movie, Morpheus teaches Neo how to totally free his mind and separate himself from his body. He is taught to not live in his flesh but within his subconscious by jumping off a tall building. He knows that the environment is not real and so he can freely jump and survive. This is called the Jump Program and it can be used for lucid dreaming. 
This can feel like a big deal when you're dreaming and, of course, you need to know you're lucid dreaming in order to have the guts to take off and if you leave it too long then your subconscious will tell you that you're dreaming, or if you jump without the power of the mind then your brain will tell you you're falling and this will cause you to jolt and wake up. If we can do this, controlling ourselves to stay within a dream and realize it, and if we can jump and trust that we will fly then we are in for quite a ride! 

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The Confidence 
This exercise is purely based on total mind control and it takes a sense of knowing to be able to do it. If any doubt inches itself within you then you'll surely wake up and get pretty startled, too. You have to know you'll make the jump... like in the movie, Morpheus tells Neo; 

"You can't hope you'll make it. You have to know you will." 

It may take an expert in lucid dreaming to have enough confidence to do this and one should also have an extremely free mind. This takes a lot of practice and so it may not happen right away for you. We have to learn to totally separate our conscious minds from our physical bodies to trust that we are safe and that we can do something like this. It's very powerful and quite exhilarating, too. 
The Matrix movie is sprinkled with all sorts of amazing mind games which are a great reference to our life in general. You can say that the movie is based on a number of people who are asleep in the world and unable to connect to their consciousness mind and separate themselves from 'reality'. It's a perfect movie to watch and mimic when having lucid dreams. It is also a great technique to use in everyday life too- not jumping off a building, of course, but to learn how to trust. To trust yourself, most especially.  If we can all learn to live more in the mind and create within it, then we will see it manifest in front of us. This takes a huge amount of knowing that it'll happen, which is how we learn how to manifest in the first place. It's definitely worth finding and understanding that aspect of separation, not just in the dream world, but in your own world, too.



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