The 2 Undisputable Ways Raising Your Vibration Can Help You Attract What You Want


In an era where obvious truths about life and our existence are not considered important enough for day-to-day life, the intelligent and the perceptive must rebel against the thoughts, emotions, and habits that could easily be deemed as lower vibrations. 

If we were to consider excitement, joy, bliss and even true happiness as a simple higher vibration of ourselves, we could easily form a path to a more ideal life by focusing on these higher vibrations. 



While many consider this as pseudo-science or metaphysics, the plain and essential version of the explanation is embedded in reality all around us; we must simply make use of it. Raising our vibration is the closest form of an effortless way to get what we want if we assume that we have free will to begin with. There are many ways to master this concept, but the following three ways should help explain everything you'll need to know. 


Your World is a Byproduct of Your Former Mood 

A mood could be described as a sum combination of heart rate, emotional sensation, thought patterns and physical actions. In this regard, we are like a symphony of molecular motion that is ever-changing. As an example, it's quite easy to imagine someone that broke an important possession out of mere anger. 

They lost access to that possession. In effect, it is no longer a part of their future. If it is that simple to understand that our mood can remove things from our future, it is quite obvious that it could then add them to our future as well. In this light, everything we surround ourselves with is in one way or another connected to our former mood. If you want to attract something into your life later, deeply contemplate your mood in the present. 

Communication is Vibration 

We speak with sound waves. These are literally vibrations in the air that our ears are built to pick up. Our brain distinguishes the words from our internal dictionary, and we form a sentence. We make meaning out of these vibrations. Body language is a rate of motion relative to the body, so that could also be seen as a state of vibration. 

In other words, our communication is part of our vibration as a whole. Emotion is a form of motion, and it is quite easy to imagine someone communicating clearly from a point of sheer joy. Someone with no mood that speaks the clear and concise truth is often described to be in a zen state: They embody truth by default and as such are unfettered by thoughts and feelings. 

If our relation to others and to ourselves is a form of vibration then, the most ideal state of vibration would produce the most ideal relationships. Creating more ideal relationships naturally improves our access to others and what they have to offer as well as providing essential friendship, deep bonding, and even romantic love. 

If we simply recognize the reality of our ever-shifting vibration as the default nature of our existence, it becomes obvious that where we are and the people we meet are a byproduct of our mood. If anyone is seeking a more ideal life, they must communicate and navigate their way through the world. 

Rather than focus on your surroundings and what can be physically achieved in the moment, try instead to focus on your internal world. The change is quite noticeable, and a new perspective of growth and change should form from within in a few brief moments. 



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This article was written by Guest Writer,
Matthew Snider

Author's Bio:  

Matthew is a writer, a personal development junkie and a regular blogger at Self Development Secrets. Matt, with his one-quarter Asian descent, did not start out as a writer, but he says, “the love for a subject is the most important aspect of writing. The readers want to read something written by someone who understands them.”


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