What is the P.A.L. Technique? 

The PAL (Partner Assisted Lucidity) technique is a unique one, in that it's a technique that doesn’t just explore lucid dreams, it lets you explore them with a partner. It’s good for those who have had many lucid dreams and want to explore more but it is also good for beginners who don’t know what to expect. 

It’s best to find a partner who you can totally trust and who also enjoys the lucid world. If you have a romantic partner who does then this is more than perfect because you already share a bed! 

The Game 

When you are both awake you can play a social game together. You can play it for the day or you can play it for the entire week. This is completely up to you but the longer you play it the more effective it’ll be. You both choose a specific phrase and occasionally slip it into the conversation. The idea of this is to say it without the other one noticing but the reciprocate is supposed to try to spot it. The more times you say it without your partner noticing the more points you get. 



If you do notice your partner saying it then you have to point it out to them and when you do, you do a reality check. You can rub your hands today, pinch your nose, or jump. Whatever works for you. 

At Night 

This is the part where it helps if you’re playing the game with a romantic partner as you’re already in bed together but if it’s a friend you are trying this out with then you can arrange to stay over one night and alternate the game. 

Set your alarm a couple of hours early so that you both awaken. Then, whoever is going to try to lucid dream goes back to sleep. Make sure you choose a position where the other can see your eyes. Then, the one who remains awake can watch for REM. This is pretty easy to spot because the eyelids will flutter. When you see the eyelids flutter you can quietly whisper the phrase that you both chose. When the person asleep hears this subconsciously they will naturally perform a reality check and know that they are indeed, dreaming. 

It’s important to choose a partner that you’re really comfortable with. Don’t choose someone you don’t feel comfortable watching you sleep! This will just make it difficult to fall back to sleep after you have set your alarm. Also, choose someone you’re with all the time. The more you play ‘the game’ the more likely you are to have your lucid dream. 

This is one of those techniques that you can really have fun with. Lucid dreaming is not the most social activity to choose, it’s just us alone in our thoughts and performing little routines throughout the day to induce them. It can get pretty lonely for those who do it all the time so this technique takes that away and makes it more social.


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