The Spiritual Journey of a Spiritual Awakening 


Connecting to animals, children, and nature 
As our children and animals are naturally in alignment they will gravitate to anyone that matches their energy. When we go through our awakening it is extremely common to see children smile around us or even stare at us. They see our energy and they like it. For those who were not particularly animal-friendly, this can change overnight. Suddenly, you can have a very deep connection with all animals and they will always come to you. We can find ourselves talking to animals and trees more and feel a deep sense of peace when we are outdoors. 



Hearing to seeing spirits 
As our mind awakens it is likely that we will see what is real around us and what is more, we will not be afraid. This comes with a complete knowing that we are safe and protected and just want to know more about the universe around us. For some, seeing spirits becomes frequent and for others, hearing them or picking up scents is common depending on what your strongest sense is. 


A deep longing for yourself 
There can become a deep longing to get to know yourself and eventually change your ways. Ridding yourself of negative habits is part of the journey along with making yourself and your energy a total priority. Suddenly, we see how important and powerful we are and will not let anyone or anything affect that. We can become very sensitive to negative energy and the less we pay attention to this the less it comes to us. After experiencing an awakening we can sometimes be left with fewer people in our life but these people are good for us and they are just the ones we care to have. 
From fear to love 
Along with this journey, we create a deep sense of knowing that there is no such thing as death- we are eternal. With this, our fear of death or our fear of anything we were once afraid of goes. We realize there is nothing to be afraid of because we know within that we are divinely protected and we create our own world. Once we look within we know we will never create danger for ourselves, only loving situations. Once we know this it can become distressing or even frustrating to see others afraid or to see them worry. We want them to all be as happy as we are. 
All of these symptoms lead to a feeling of peace and overwhelming gratitude. We want all the people around us to feel the same amount of gratitude that we do because we believe everyone deserves to be happy. It is very normal to suddenly become rather sensitive to the world around us when we see people suffering and we desperately want to help them, and we can. We can do this by leading by example. If we show them how powerful happiness is and they see our world change around us they can start to see the impact of gratitude and we can start to spread the power of living at peace.



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