The Importance and Benefits of Deep Breathing


We breathe to keep ourselves alive, of course, but there is a lot more to a single breath than you may first realize. We believe that if we stop breathing, we die. This is obviously correct ,but why? Your breathing keeps your body alive by acting as a current for your cells. Your cells are a vibration in line with your consciousness or inner being and so your body is indeed a very clever, well-oiled machine. With every deep breath there is an activation on a cellular level. This current carries the vitality to the extremities of the cells. And so the more you are breathing the more you are thriving and the more you are thriving the more you realize the importance of your well being. Breathing keeps the mind ticking, and breathing deeply helps to control what runs through the mind and therefore, it will help you stay on those positive, happy thoughts. 

Your breathing is important for releasing tension and toxins. Your body releases 70% of its toxins through breathing so breathing properly will allow this to happen. When you are angry or upset, your muscles get tighter and your breathing becomes shallow. For a lot of people, this is a form of anxiety and the more we focus on it, our attraction based universe, the more energy it receives leading to what others call anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It is an uncomfortable feeling as you feel your breath shorten and your muscles get tense, but of course, focusing on it makes it worse. By breathing in deeper we are starting to control our lung expansion and heart rate to keep us calm. The more you practice steady breathing the easier it will become for you. By breathing you are allowing all that the body needs. It relaxes the muscles and organs, rejuvenates the cells, reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. It also helps with digestion, helps with weight maintenance and strengthens the heart and lungs. It basically helps your body with all the wonderful things you expect it to do and it also does what you would like it to do more if you allow it. Working on taking deep breaths will allow more of what you want. 

"It is the way life moves most efficiently through your physical body " Abraham Hicks



You can train your lungs to reach their full capacity by being consistent. Your lungs do not expand fully unless you do so purposely through exercise or meditation but they do expand at different rates like when you are walking, running or moving around in general. 

Meditating is about focusing on the breathing. When you focus on your breathing you are not focusing on anything else therefore not putting momentum to anything else. This will help you to align with your own being. If you have something unwanted in your life, then just fifteen minutes a day of having no thoughts on it and totally relaxing will help ease this. 

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Pranayama Deep Breathing Music Guide with binaural beats and isochronic tones
Inspired by the Visamavrtti Pranayama as a daily breathing control exercise, this music track contains binaural beats and isochronic tones with frequencies of 12Hz and 220Hz, they are associated with the lungs that with effects to breathing and taste. It provides centering, mental stability and vitality.

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