What It Means To Release The Ego 


Releasing our ego is one of the most difficult parts for us to let go of. Our ego is located on the left side of our brain. The right side is our creative spirits. The reason why it can be so tough for us to leave it behind is because it is more dominant than our spiritual side, it can be more powerful and more overwhelming. 
We live in a world where we are all more left-brain focused. The left side of the brain works from the 'I' premise and is always trying to figure out answers. It analyzes everything, it worries, it has doubts and fears and it never works within our best interest. 


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"If something is only partly right, even if it is only slightly wrong, the left brain is inclined to reject the whole notion rather than play with the idea and work with it to see what can be extracted from the good parts"
-Bruce Holland 

This means that your left brain can look at an image and analyze it part by part, but the right side of the brain only appreciates its beauty as a whole. 

We are now at a time of a great awakening as we begin to realize that life is more abundant if we live from the right side of the brain. As we realize this, it can be very painful but quite a journey! It is natural for our emotions to go from one to the other as we learn to reach that tipping scale. A great way to do this is to observe more and feel the ego less. When we are thinking a thought that is unkind, judgemental or pessimistic, it is our ego talking because the right side of our brain would only see love. The more we observe the ego and what it is telling us, the more we can learn to shut it down. It is easy to know when our ego is being dominant because it simply feels uncomfortable with our emotions. This is because of the real us, our inner beings, our source or spirit loves wholeheartedly and would never feel anything but love for anyone or anything. 
The more we connect with this side of us the more it becomes dominant. This does not mean that overnight, we can just turn our egos off like a light bulb, although some have. It means we can begin a journey of self-love. When we are using the right side of our brain we lead a more fulfilling and joyous life. Our spirits never put us wrong, and by listening to it more often, we will always be guided in the right direction. If we have a desire to do something, no matter what it is, and if it feels right then we should take the leap and not allow our egos to tell us we will fail. If we listen to our spirits we can never fail, we can grow and learn more every day and be a beacon of light to all things that are good.

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