Silene Capensis, The Dream Herb


Silene Capensis has been used for many years in South Africa by various tribes. It is a white flower that only opens at night and when it does it releases a fragrance that is considered to be very hypnotic and, because of this, it is used to encourage very vivid dreams. It is becoming more widespread these days as people are discovering its effects. It has been well documented that it is used regularly as part of a ritual by the South African tribe Xhosa mainly for the purpose of connecting to the ancestors.
It is used most commonly now for lucid dreaming enhancements, although it can take a while for this to happen once the consumer starts using it as it takes some time for the herb to get into the bloodstream, but it can make dream experiences extremely vivid until the lucid dreaming actually begins. Many people who never lucid dream or even remember their dreams have reported that Silene Capensis encouraged the dream experiences and even continue after they have stopped taking it. 



How to take it   
The African tribe induces the herb by powdering the root and mixing it with water and taken on an empty stomach. These days, it is recommended that you take half a teaspoon of dried powder with half a cup of water. It is best to take it first thing in the morning before you have eaten anything. It's recommended that this is how you should consume it when first trying the dream herb because the taste isn't quite that pleasant. Your mind and body will need some time to adjust to it and after a while, you can start taking a little more. You can up it to one heaped teaspoon with two cups of water, and you can blend the herb which will create a froth on top of the liquid which you can also drink until you're full. 

Beginners Guide To Lucid Dreaming

If this method isn't to your liking then you can make it in a form of a tea with a little honey, or you can mix it with hot water and then leave it to chill overnight, making it a cool beverage to sip on when you wake up. Of course, if you want to go totally old school then you can just chew on the root! 
There have been no reported dangers to the herb and no bad side effects, although it is taken at the consumer's own risk. It is completely legal of course and can be bought extremely easily. From the research that's been done, it has worked for most consumers and they have all had very pleasant and overwhelming experiences from the herb. Many of those consumers have recommended it to others who wish to explore their lucid dreams or to help them dream vividly. It will also help to remember your dreams, even to the smallest detail, and it is particularly helpful to create more lucid dreams from that aspect alone.

So, if you're looking for a natural lucid dream method then this may be something for you. It is apparently extremely safe, very easy, and wonderfully powerful- just add a little honey! 



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