How Can We Reach the Higher Self through Lucid Dreaming? 


We all have a higher self. In fact, we ARE the higher self. It is our soul, our consciousness. It is always there within us. We are not what we see here in these physical bodies, we are energy in which this higher self creates and we can meet this Self in our dreams. When we explore our dreams we can find that self within them, we can go deeper and meet that higher self. The more this is practiced the more we can find it in our everyday lives. 




We can connect to it through meditation followed by lucid dreaming. Meditation is usually someone's door to the higher realms and by doing this we are entering it. This is because when we close our minds off we enter into the realm of consciousness. We are literally meeting our higher selves. Or, better yet, we are shedding away that egotistical version of ourselves that we have taken this lifetime to create and allowing the higher self to shine through. When we meditate before falling asleep we are giving ourselves a higher chance at lucid dreaming and meeting that higher self that we have just connected to. 

Lucid Dreaming 
We can also take this meditation into our lucid dreams or we can affirm to ourselves before we fall asleep that we want to meet our higher selves when we sleep. This can help the process along and although we may not lucid dream at first, we certainly can download dreams that connect us to that source. Once we have masters the lucid dreaming technique we can explore other realms and put ourselves forth to meeting our source. 

Connecting the Dots 
When we meet ourselves in our lucid dreams it is important to write them down. Over time, we can create many different messages for ourselves and as time goes on, we may see what those messages mean because our higher self is always wanting to guide us and bring us what we want. If we meet them in a lucid dream we can hear these messages and hear any guidance we need loud and clear. 

Our higher self is always there and the more we allow it to shine through the more we will notice it is there. We never have to feel alone again. In fact, the feeling of being alone stems from just that- it is the disconnection from self. When we turn our back on it and allow negative emotions to pick up the momentum we are going against what we already know. We are going against love, joy, positivity, and abundance. This does not mean we are making a mistake, it just means we will feel happier and create more if we turn back towards ourselves and create from within. Lucid dreaming gives us one of the best opportunities we can get to do just this. Without our physical bodies and minds getting in the way we can hear our guidance and hear our heart and continue to live every day connected to that.



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