How Do Our Emotions Affect Our Manifestations? 

Our emotions are extremely important to us and the more we can feel them the better off we shall be. Some people feel their emotions very clearly whilst others do not. This just depends on the health of the body and the mind.  A healthy body and a healthy mind will be very in tune whereas a body that is poorly looked after and a mind that is cluttered will not, but why is it so important to really feels these emotions anyway? 
Our emotions are an indicator for us when it comes to our manifestations. If we feel total oneness with our inner being then we feel love and we feel joy. However, if we are not at one, if we have our back turned to it then we are feeling fear and we can only manifest the best if we are feeling that oneness, that love. 



When we are feeling fear, we attract fear and our manifestations are just off. They cause more pain and anguish, which makes us spiral even lower, but when we feel love, we are more able to bring in what we want. This is why it's so important to feel and be in tune with our emotions because if we are feeling down while doing visualizations, it can seem really frustrating and off-putting when we don't see our manifestations coming to us. This just leads to people giving up or saying that it doesn't work when really, it is working and it is trying to reach us but we don't even know we have our back to it. 

Daily Meditation
When we quiet our mind we hear more of our inner being and meditation is great just for that. When you hear your inner being or voice, whether you feel positive or negative, you will know how close you are to it. If you feel positive and excited then you're close, but if you feel negative then that signifies that you're turning your back on it. Meditation makes us more sensitive to these emotions so that we can easily use them as a guide. 

Chakra Cleanse 
It can help to keep our chakras in balance. When one or more is slightly off then we really don't feel in tune with ourselves and have little control over our emotions. In fact, it feels like our emotions have taken over and will feel all over the place. You can do a chakra cleanse during meditation or yoga. 

Daily Yoga 
Yoga is a good way to find peace within, and for those who are "too busy", there are plenty of quick 10 minutes exercises that you can do. Yoga has become very popular over the years but its main aim is to be able to feel absolute balance and a sense of connection to your inner and outer worlds. It'll help to keep your emotions steady and uplifted as well, plus it is a great stress reliever. 

When we feel that sense of passion, of joy, and of love, we are on our way to instant manifestation. This is the way we are meant to live our precious lives. We can feel our emotions, of course, we are truly meant to, but we can use them for their purpose rather than letting ourselves get wrapped up and pulled down by them. When you start to see how helpful they are you will begin to find gratitude in each emotion and find its purpose within it.

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