How To Manifest On A Larger Scale



We are all constantly manifesting, and thus we are called "manifesters". For some, though, they find it easy to manifest those little things like free meals or clothes, just material things, but how do we cross that line into manifesting on a larger scale like traveling or meeting specific people? 
Firstly, it's important to know that there is no line, no limit. There is no such thing as a little or a large manifestation. They are all one. The only difference between the two is what and how we think. If we think something is too large then it can never come to us because doubt puts a stop to things. Really, what we may consider being larger can take more time to get to because the path is longer, but ultimately, it requires no more effort on our behalf. 



The Universe doesn't see little or large, it doesn't see $5 as being very little and $5,000,000 being a whole lot; only we do. It is us that decides if it is little or large and if it's large we think we can't get to it or might even believe that we don't deserve it. This is a real shame because we all deserve everything. We are all worthy of it and we can manifest it.. and fast too. 

However, because we do put things naturally into categories of little and large, it can help to start with the small things as they seem easy and we should build up from there. This creates a form of trust because you start to see little snippets of the Universe at work, and the more you bring in those little things, the more your confidence will build and your expectations, too. This way, when you start to visualize, you can go forth knowing that for that moment you will be guided. It can happen instantaneously when we allow it and when we trust that we are now on our way to it. 
When it does come to manifestations on a larger scale, the journey is extremely fun. You will be guided from pillar to post, from person to person, all of them entangled in a suitable plan from the Universe to get you to where you want to be. Of course, the Universe is always doing this but it's up to us to follow those paths and use the tools that we have been given. When inspiration strikes you, you will know immediately that it is one of those pillars and so you must go continue, no matter how small, because they all lead to larger manifestations. When we know and understand this and when we come to trust it, it's really exciting to see what the Universe is up to and all the amazing ways it can bring us something. It can bring us things in ways we could never have imagined, so always make it clear to the Universe what you want. 

Visualize, affirm, and always ask. If we don't ask then the Universe doesn't always know. It is our job to ask and the Universe wants us to ask so that it can fulfill its role in giving.

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