The Art of Manifesting at Its Best 


We are all constantly manifesting. Day in and day out. Many do not realize that they are doing this and seem to think that life comes and goes as it does and that some things happen that they enjoy, whilst other times, bad things happen that they do not enjoy and most often would wonder why such awful luck had come their way. All though this is true and we do experience happiness along with the contrast, it is far from true that everything just happens at random. 
We are all connected   

We are all made up of energy that we contain in and around our body. This energy is connected to the energy that sits in and around others. We are all energy and that energy is made up of Love. It is pure and it is positive. If you think of this energy connecting us, it is like a string and due to the power of thoughts and our attraction based universe, the more we focus on something the more we are pulling at those strings. This is how we bring things closer to us. We can pull on these strings in many different ways but the way we pull on them will determine the way that they are received. If we focus negatively on something and pull on it then not only will the journey of it be unpleasant, it will be considerably worse when it gets to us. On the other hand, if we pull on something with enthusiasm and love we will enjoy the adventure of getting it and enjoy the outcome so much more. 

The path of least resistance   

In fact, when we are receiving from that happy place, the journey through it is usually more exciting than receiving. It is the journey that is the fun part. We can watch and see how our manifestations are unfolding and being created into physical forms and experiences. The universe is so powerful that just a small thought can manifest into reality. This is done by using our emotions because when we think of something long enough we put emotions onto it. If we feel that we are starting to put something negative onto a thought we cannot suddenly ask that thought to go away because that is just continuing to put more negative energy onto it.  We can only shift. Emotions are a very powerful part when it comes to manifestation. 



We can do this by simply putting our energy into something we love. This ensures we are only getting the best for ourselves. This can be any thought, even small ones. Your favorite flavored coffee or your warm, comfy bed. Any thought that is a better feeling thought has more benefits and will always be the path of least resistance. 
We all have the power to do this and whether we believe we can or cannot is, of course, up to us, but this does not change the laws of the universe. We will still be creating but perhaps creating things that are displeasing to us and why would we not want to live happily ever after? It is so important for us all to realize our power in this world and change our perspective to see that all is well, only good is happening and even if something seems to be happening that seems cruel or unfair, it is not, because we are learning and learning is the main reason we came here in the first place. Because WE are creators.

In our newly released app, we have created some vocal-guided meditation sessions that cater to the powers of manifestation. They are intended to help the individual become in tune with the Self; become honest with the Self, and helps to prepare the overall Self for the good change that we all seek. The Powers of Manifestation is not merely the sole means to answer all of our problems, rather this is a training ground for us all to become aware of how we have the power to create the path for ourselves. Gifts or answers don't always fall straight down from the tree, rather there is always the consideration of the path that opens up to us to reach our goals and dreams.  

Start learning how to manifest today, and make it a habit of becoming aware of how you do it. Remember, Love is an integral part of everything we are and do.


MANIFESTING POSITIVE ABUNDANCE - Power of Thought Meditation Music 
The Power of Manifestation is widely used for achieving goals, but many think that merely thinking about it is enough. It is not. Using creative visualization greatly helps to give more confidence, focus, inspiration and motivation needed to really reach your desired goals. It clears a path for you. Using Brainwave Entrainment beats that range from 6Hz - 10Hz, which are directly associated with Creative Visualization, and the binaural frequency of Mars at 144.72Hz, this supports strength of will, focused energy, and ability for achievement. The Law of Attraction nicely binds together with Creative Visualization. Change your vibration into a rich, successful, happy you. Think and Act it out towards your outer world, and experience the goodness you’ll receive to your inner world.

Manifesting Positive Abundance

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