The Power of I AM

"I AM" is considered to be the name of God. When we say these words we are connecting with God. I AM Is known as the lost word but perhaps its true meaning has just been lost. These are two very powerful words when put together. They crop and shape our future. They tell us what we shall become, or better yet, we tell the universe what we shall become. These words are who we really are and they are our powerhouse. 
I Am One with God 
By using these words in the powerful sense in which they should be used, we are improving our power and our energy every day and when we improve our health we make it more difficult for diseases to reach us. Whatever we attach to I AM, we become. We will gain these powers the more we say them, for example- I AM strong, I AM wise, I AM wonderful. Whatever we are attaching to I AM, we become. 

Using it wisely 
These words have less meaning today and therefore people throw them around and use them without realizing the detriment. It is because these words have been misused over the years that we are in the habit of playing with negative emotions such as jealousy and anger, guilt and rage. We hear people saying it all the time, I AM depressed, I AM unable, I AM mad. Whatever we attach to these words, we bring into our lives and we are destroying ourselves. When we speak unkindly of others, too, and use these words towards them, we are damaging ourselves even more. 



  Using these words to project out our future is important. We can use these words to state what we are today, we can say that I AM strong, I AM kind, I AM slim, and this is a great practice for using these words to your benefit, but what about for the future?

What do we want to be? Do we want to be successful in business, a good parent, do we want to be humble and always finding gratitude? Use these words to project to the universe exactly what you are today and exactly what you intend to be in the future. 

I AM love, I AM wealth, I AM health, I AM power, I AM abundance, I AM  divine substance, I AM strength, I AM source energy, I AM generous, I AM beauty, I AM life, I AM color, I AM thankful, I AM divine mind, I AM energy, I AM God, I AM happy, I AM fun, I AM law, I AM open minded, I AM young, I AM strong, I AM wise, I AM wonderful, I AM positive, I AM determined, I AM motivated, I AM persistent, I AM upbeat, I AM confident, I AM focused, I AM tolerant, I AM confidence, I AM divine, I AM energy, I AM success, I AM intelligence, I AM truth, I AM that I AM. 
The Power of I AM by David Allan


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