Can We Change Our Past and Heal Our Minds?


We all have a unique upbringing which makes us who we are today. We have had certain experiences that we have learned from and been brought up by very specific individuals that have encouraged us to grow into the people that we are today. For some, there was nothing but wonderful memories to gaze upon but others have very different stories. We have all gone through challenges, it is why we came into these physical bodies, but how are we letting them affect us and can we change our outlook on something? 
Can we change the past? 
No, physically, we cannot change what we have been through and why would we want to? Look at who you are and what you have become, why would you want to be anyone other than you? 
You are perfect just as you are. However, what if we could change our perspective on a certain event or person in order for us to reach our full potential? 



It is helpful to understand that everything happens for a reason and it is my belief that there are some points in our lives that act as pillars. These pillars are something we are supposed to experience or people we are supposed to meet in order to continue to learn what it is we are meant to learn. If we take this advice and put it on a subject that is uncomfortable to us, can we see why we have to experience it? Can we see how we changed and grew as souls because of that one experience? Perhaps, if we realized more deeply on a cellular level, the potential of that circumstance, we can try to learn to be grateful for it, take the lessons under our belt and leave it behind. 
Here is a snippet from one of my favorite book which tells a story of a man who was ostracized and shunned by his family due to his sexual orientation. Sadly, the man was diagnosed with AIDS and was very unwell throughout his life. The man was hypnotized and taken back to his pre-birthing plan where he gathered with his spirit guides and soul group to discuss the importance of such experiences; 
            Jon's father: I will not shame you 
            Jon: I need to experience this. I need to hear you say this to help me find myself. The shame will strengthen my will and give me the courage I need to face my destiny. 
            Jon's father: All right then, I agree to this because I love you. (Jon's mother is at his father's side. His father reaches out and draws her close to him.) We agree to patronize you as well. 
            Jon's mother: I agree to love and care for you, to cherish you through your life. There is a possibility I may push you away. It will be very difficult for me; however, I will accept this challenge for you. 

-  Robert Schwartz, Your Souls Plan. 


Power Quadrant System / Decoding Your True Identity  

Seeing from a deeper perspective 
Once we realize the full potential of a situation it can sometimes become overwhelming when we suddenly feel gratitude for our past circumstances but once we see it in a new light it is truly a blessing to us and we can encourage others to do the same because we all have past situations that we wish never happened. 
In Jon's story, not only did his parents reject him but he was brought up in a town where he would not be accepted and in a time where he would not be either. This was all carefully planned to maximize his growth and every little detail was put there for a reason. 
Regret is a very negative emotion and for some people they have a lot of regret in their lives but the truth is that whatever happened was meant to happen and we cannot take the rest of our lives wishing and wondering what would have happened. As souls, we have learned so much from that one experience and it was a lesson which helped us to grow. Perhaps it is tough to see that because we do not know what would have happened to us. If we have come into these bodies to learn something specific then if it did not happen through one circumstance, it would have happened through another so it is important to take the lesson and move on with peace and love within our hearts.



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