How Important is Our Intuition? 


Our intuition is one of the most important things that we carry around with us. We all have intuition throughout our day. Some people get it a lot whilst others rarely feel that urge but the more we listen to it, the more we will hear it. 
What is intuition?   
Intuition is our divine guidance. It is a message from our inner being. Our inner being knows us, knows what we love and what we want. When we feel an urge to go and do something it is that inner being nudging us. Our inner being also tells us when things are off. We have all been in a situation where we feel we should not continue but continue anyway and then soon, wish we did not. That is our inner being telling us we are on the wrong path. We should only ever take action in joy because it means we are being led towards what we are wanting, not away from it. 



Why do we feel it?   
We all create desires every minute of our day. Sometimes we create desires through deliberately asking the universe for something and other times we subconsciously ask for things because of some type of contrast we have experienced in our life. When we ask, the universe provides. However, it can't just literally hand us something. If we ask for a million dollars it will not abruptly land on our doorstep. Okay, we could win the lottery but there is usually more to it! To reach the desires which we have created we have to go get to them. To get to them we must listen to the universe because the universe holds the map. When we follow our intuition we are being taken on a journey and the end result is just what we asked for. This is why it is so important to follow it. 

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How do I get started?   
We can get into the habit of doing this through really small things. If you really feel like having a cup of coffee then make one or go buy one. If you really feel like calling that friend then call them. Your inner being is always leading you towards itself, so you can feel its love. It know what friends make you feel happy, what food makes you feel good, what TV shows make you laugh and the more you do this and listen to that intuition the more connected you will feel. 

When we follow that inner guidance we can be reassured that we are being led to something great. Even if it is not something we asked for, it can just be a stepping stone to the next and then the next until we get to that end goal. It is always leading you to greatness. We should never hesitate or delay, we should act in that moment when the momentum is just right. If we do not do that then we miss that opportunity and although there will absolutely be another opportunity to go, why wait? Why not go now and see what the universe is taking you?


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