What is Eustress? The Benefits of Positive Stress


What is Eustress? Eustress is a positive form of stress, it is a focused energy which feels exciting and will help you perform the task at hand. There is, of course, a difference between eustress and distress as distress feels unpleasant, it is a negative vibration (your inner being telling you to slow down), and can lead to many pleasantries such as anxiety. The stress of this can do the opposite when it comes to performance because the stress you put on yourself will hinder your performance and can become on going. 
There are many positive stresses that can come into your life and we have all experienced (or will experience) at least a few of them. Examples of this would be the excitement of getting married. Although many say that planning weddings are stressful it is a pleasant stress, a stress that you can really sink your teeth into because you are having the joyful experience of marrying the one you love. Other examples would be buying your first home, starting a new job, moving house or planning a vacation. These are all stresses that you can do with excitement and eagerness. 

Distress comes from very different circumstances such as losing a family member, going through a divorce, becoming unemployed or having money problems. The difference between these is that with eustress it is a circumstance of stress which you have willingly put yourself into with full control of your desires and you are seeing something magical unfold. With distress, it is usually a negative end to a negative journey and something you can feel totally out of control with which leads to fear of the unknown. Fear is a very unpleasant emotion which can create the feeling of being trapped and unable to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

"Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility but through greatness of mind." 
- Aristotle 




However, this can all be perspective. You are able to turn a negative stress into a positive one if you can look at what doors will be opened for you. You can enjoy looking for that new job, having a fresh start, finding yourself again and embarking on a whole new journey. This can be very thrilling and can indeed lead to much better things. If however, you allow yourself to stay in fear then you will only attract more fearful things to you. If you fear the future and the unknown, or fear that things will only get worse then it will feel like more of a struggle to lift yourself up and be unable to feel gratitude where it is necessary. This is exactly what eustress is because the positive stress leads to a positive end or at least, you think it will. If you can turn your distress into eustress and assure yourself that good will follow then you can begin to turn things around. 
Try not to be afraid of the future because everything is happening just as it should be. This can take time but after a while you can begin to see the light through the trees and get excited every morning that the day will be great and that you can begin to create your own desires through your own goals.

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