How Can Nature Affect Your Vibration? 


We have a wonderful relationship with nature, whether it be animals, insects, tree, plants, flowers or grass. It is easy to see something beautiful and feel gratitude, but there can be a slight misconception with how nature yields to us. A lot of the time, as we step outside, we can feel a great release of energy. It is a common saying to 'be one with nature' or to 'go out and get some fresh air'. However, there are some days that we step outside and think nothing of it. We can walk in fields of heather surrounded by butterflies and not even blink an eyelid. Why is this? 
In nature, there is a natural alignment. Animals are in alignment always, insects too. When we step out into nature it is a large reflection of our vibrational energy. When we hold nature as our object of attention and appreciate it, we can feel its energy and by simply appreciating nature it is an indication that we are in the area of alignment. When we are in alignment, we see more beauty around us, so the flowers look brighter and the grass looks greener. 



"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

Some people live in the most wonderful countryside, surrounded by beautiful trees, large fields, and wildflowers but they are miserable. Some people live in cities and are always happy. This is because, although it can feel like stepping outside gives you great energy, it is, in fact, the great energy that is drawing itself to you when you are in alignment. 

When we hear that 'the closer we are to nature, the closer we are to ourselves' it is very true because the closer we are to appreciating and feeling connected to our inner beings, the closer we will feel to nature. This is the same with animals and insects that surround us. As all animals are in alignment it means that they can sooth us into alignment but when we are feeling off, we cannot attract them to us. It is not that they are no longer there it is that we simply cannot feel their presence. 
There are reasons for everything on our planet. With animals and insects, they are here to surround us with good energy and harmony. With nature, it surrounds us so that we can reflect ourselves off of it and feel where we are vibrationally. When we are happy, we are whole and when we are whole we are more eager to appreciate what surrounds us. The more we stand outside the more we will learn to appreciate it and as we do so, it is an indication that we are lining up with ourselves. This is why it is helpful to spend a few minutes every day outside with our plants and flowers. The more beauty we see in it, the more beauty we see in ourselves. When we find a way to become aligned then our ability to see nature is changed. Nature does not adjust our vibration, it gets drawn to it. 


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