The Archplan: An Evolution of Mind and Body

The Archplan, as we have come to know it, is the evolution of the physical body and mind. We are currently at a point of seeing this evolution create itself and manifest into what it will next become. 
This evolution is taking place ever so gently across the world and more and more people are waking up. This evolution is the blending of the human mind and their consciousness. Many people are now waking up to the idea that we are not just flesh, blood, and bone beings, we are that consciousness and we are souls within a Universe. 



There are many that are holding back to what they are realizing. This is mainly because of fear, and fear is the opposite of what we really are, which is Love. Therefore, until we open ourselves to love and release the fear, we can never fully evolve. The reason people cannot release their fear just yet is because their fear is who they believe that they are. As we grow, we hold onto many different emotions and parts of our personality become them, therefore, to lose fear, one loses oneself, theoretically. Ironically, what actually happens is that when we release fear we release a false sense of self and become Who we Really Are, which is God’s creation, and we are an abundant light within the Universal current. 
Completing such task takes many lifetimes so we have all gone through many. The ones who are awake at this moment are probably getting towards the end of their life experiences because they have achieved what they set out to do. Once this is achieved, that soul can decide to come back in another lifetime simply just to teach and be a Master in order to help wake more people up. 

Power Quadrant System / Decoding Your True Identity

We all set out on our journey to lose that which we know we are, only to reconnect and find it again. That is the divine plan and, as I said, this takes many lifetimes. Hundreds of lifetimes. If you are awake at this current time, then you are a light or even a master who is here to encourage others. You are here to switch other people's light on, not by running around and shaking everyone, but by being the light, yourself. We must be examples of our own potentials so that we can inspire others to live in harmony with their own consciousness. 

"There is an intermediate meeting ground between the material world and the Superworld; it is the Archplan. The Archplan lives on that plane; it is the place where the Supersensible and the earthbound meet."
- Living in the Supermind by Maurie D. Pressman, M.D. 

This is such a wonderful time to be alive. For those who are yet to awaken, they will continue daily life as it is and not much difference in what their routine is. Those who are waking up will suddenly be flooded with signs and universal truths to steady them along and continue on their journey. This is the only life they will now know and there is no going back. Once one knows their full potential and what they really are and can achieve they will find it extremely suffocating to live as they once were and will have no choice but to eventually awaken fully into their true selves.


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