What Is Dream Yoga, And What Does It Do?

Yoga is a form of physical, mental, and spiritual practice that trains the body, clears the mind, and stokes the spirit. To many, the word yoga is synonymous with stretching, poses, and sometimes, a lot of sweat and effort. But did you know that there is one form of yoga that is totally different from what we normally know? This is dream yoga.

Dream Yoga: A Tibetan Technique

Many people often associate lucid dreaming with dream yoga, sometimes even citing that they are one and the same. While lucid dreaming can be a very powerful and entertaining tool, lucid dreaming will not help a dreamer achieve enlightenment, something that dream yoga seeks to do. While lucid dreams can create negative karma, dream yoga is designed to purify it. Dream yoga is designed to unite you with deeper aspects of your being and is more concerned with self-transcendence.

Tibetan Buddhists developed dream yoga because they believe that every night, instead of falling asleep, one must take the opportunity to “practice waking up.” They believe that the waking life is simply “sleepwalking”, and from someone who is truly awake, the regular person’s mind is still asleep.

Put it simply, dream yoga is a set of meditations that transforms the way we relate to sleep and dream. It starts where lucid dream leaves off. Just like lucid dreaming, the dreamer wakes up inside a dream, but that is where the similarity ends. Instead of doing what they want, the dreamer instead trains the mind, stretching their waking consciousness into the dream state. What this teaches the dreamer is how to “wake up from the dream or nightmare of daily life.”

The whole process aims to follow this path: learning how to remember dreams, learning how to wake up in dreams (lucid dreaming), training the mind in the dream, and finally, learning how to stay awake in a dreamless sleep. All the while taking what you learn from the experience and bringing those lessons to the day, to transform your life through night meditation.

The goal is to wake up, spiritually.
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Interestingly, it is also a good way to prepare for death, according to the experts. The experience of waking up in a dreamless sleep is stated to be similar to the experience of death or dying. By bringing the darkness of ignorance (sleep) into the light of consciousness with dream and sleep yoga, practitioners not only illuminate and eventually eliminate sleep and dream, but also the concept and fear of death.

How To Perform Dream Yoga

The steps to perform dream yoga are very similar to engaging in lucid dreaming. You can find our guides to lucid dreaming in the links below, to start your entry to a controlled dream.

The key difference starts after the dreamer achieves lucidity. And it is very important to remember these guidelines to engage in dream yoga.

1.)    Resist the power – once the dreamer achieves lucidity and recognizes their capability in the dream state, it is important to resist the urge to indulge. Instead of engaging in personal pursuits, the dreamer must keep still and just “feel” the dream.

2.)    Try to be “conscious” – the dreamer must then try to “wake up,” but not in the sense of willing one’s self to escape the dream state. Instead, the dreamer will try to awaken their mind in the sense that they will be more mindful and aware of the dream state, trying to fully recognize and feel everything, instead of just simply experiencing the dream state like a blur or a flurry of images and sensations.

3.)    Meditate, contemplate, reflect – instead of indulging, the dreamer then contemplates various aspects of their lives. This is where the lessons of lucid dreaming come into play. For example, if the dreamer is afraid of something, perhaps a situation in their lives, they can conjure up the scenario in the dream, and instead of simply trying to run away from it, or conquer it, the dreamer tries to understand it, all the while trying to be as aware and “awake” as possible.

Once the dream yoga session is over, whatever lessons and feelings and insights gained within are then brought to the real world, to fully awaken from it.

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