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What is Tibetan Dream Yoga?

Meditation is not for everyone (or so they say) but if you are not one to practice it or you just simply don't have time but know of its benefits, then this is a method that may be worth looking…

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What Is Missing in Mainstream Yoga?

Yoga is around five thousand years old (or possibly ten thousand, depending on who you ask) but mainly in the last ten years, it has become a very on-trend exercise. It is popular amongst many men and women who are…

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What Is The Best Way To Start Your Day?


We all have our morning routines that we love. Some like to just sit with their coffee, some like to take a walk, some like to take a long shower, we all have our little enjoyments and it is these…

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What Is Bikram Yoga And What Are Its Benefits

Continuing our series about the different kinds of yoga, this next one is perhaps the hottest one to date, figuratively –being one of the most popular ones with over 1,700 studios around the world- and literally –because it’s done in…

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What Is Dream Yoga, And What Does It Do?

Yoga is a form of physical, mental, and spiritual practice that trains the body, clears the mind, and stokes the spirit. To many, the word yoga is synonymous with stretching, poses, and sometimes, a lot of sweat and effort. But…

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What Is Vinyasa Yoga And Its Benefits

We previously discussed the overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga, as well as listed down the many different schools of yoga popular today. We already started with the strength-building Ashtanga Yoga, and now we’re going to talk… Read more

What Is Ashtanga Yoga And Its Benefits

As we have discussed in our previous blog post, the benefits of yoga for the mind and the body are numerous, and people should give it a try at some point if they haven’t yet. But there is no one…

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What Is Tai Chi And Its Benefits?

People often think that getting well physically and being in touch with spirituality are two exclusive things, done separate from one another. But there are a good number of ways to achieve both at the same time, bringing physical, mental…

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