Creating Your Desires 

We are always imagining things into being. A desire that we are allowing and not putting any resistance on feels wonderful whereas a desire we do not believe does not feel so good to us. It is up to us to find a way to believe in our own desires. Sometimes, we feel the need to see it before we believe it. If it is a desire we are not accustomed to then it can cause a disbelief. If we are asking for more money but have never had it, then it can naturally cause a resistance and therefore we are not allowing it to manifest and show up in our physical experience. We get used to having the lack of it and therefore, over time, we get used to focusing on its lack rather then how wonderful it would be to have it. 
We hear it all the time. Friends telling other friends that they have not yet met the right partner or that they are struggling to live off each pay check. If we are telling this story to every friend, every colleague, every person in line at the grocery store, then just think about how much focus on the lack of that we are emitting. The more we talk about these things, the more we think about them which leaves very little time to focus our energy on how nice it would be to have this or even how nice it is to have what we already have. 



  If we take all our attention and put it on the way we feel then we can feel guided to our desires. If we are thinking a thought that makes us feel good then we are creating no residence and we are allowing our desires to flow in. If we are focusing on something that does not feel good then we are stopping this from happening. We do not need to focus so much of our physical energy onto what we desire because the universe knows what we want and it is already there waiting for us. By keeping our thoughts on something that feels good, we are simply allowing all of this to flow in. 

When we create a desire, the universe instantly creates a path for us which will lead us to this very desire. Over time, our beliefs can take over and slowly we put things in the way of this path. The more the path gets blocked, the less our desires can come to us and as time goes by you realize you are lacking in what you desire and if your focus goes to the lack then the path is blocked completely until you create another desire and another... 
The universe is here to work with us and to give us everything we can ever imagine. Usually, through contrast we know more about what we want. By not having a relationship with the perfect partner, it can cause you to ask for such relationship but instead of enjoying the idea of sifting through all that you have learned from these past relationships and from observing others, you are focusing on how bad those relationships were before and how jealous you are that others have it and you do not. The universe is a catalog and these things are there to show us what we can have if we allow it, not to make us jealous that we do not. So, when you are out and about, enjoying what you see, remember that this is allowing you to subconsciously create desires of what it is that you want. Take everything you have learned and be grateful that it has shown you just what it is that you are wanting and enjoy every moment of that. Before you know it, your desires will begin to naturally show themselves to you and you can, in a short space of time, have everything it is that you have ever wanted. 

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