Allowing Financial Abundance Into Your Life



It would be nice if we could all have the financial abundance that is there waiting for us, as there is an infinite amount of money there waiting to just be allowed in. Money is one of the things we all have in common with each other. We believe we need more so we can live better, we can enjoy nice things and live a life we believe we will enjoy more if we had unlimited funds. We all enjoy spending money on what we desire but in order to spend it we have to get it and in order to get it we have to earn it and in order to earn it we must provide a service that is satisfactory to another in order to be given it... or so we believe. 



What is reality? Reality is something that you or someone else has focused their attention on long enough that it has manifested itself into physical form. Other peoples financial struggles, once you start taking notice, will be in the exact same frequency that they are emitting. The people telling the story of their struggle are the ones who never receive financial bonuses or pay rises and always receive bills in the mail that they cannot afford to pay. These are the people telling the story of the 'financial crisis' and reminding others that, 'these times are hard due to a bad economy'. The economy is not bad. The reason some people believe this is because it feels better to believe it is out of our control rather than looking in the mirror and realizing exactly what we are doing. There are plenty of individuals and companies out there thriving no matter what is going on in the world. These are the ones you hear talking joyfully about the new car they bought or how wonderful it is to be employed in a job they enjoy. They  are the ones who receive the bonuses, the ray rises and just a few bills which they always pay on time without complaint or worry. 

Part of our financial abundance comes from what story we tell. By telling the story of not having enough growing up, not having enough each month or having unexpected bills come through the mail, we are focusing all our energy onto the lack. Focusing on lack reflects back to us as we always draw into us what we put out. It is vital that we begin to tell another story and to be grateful that we get that monthly paycheck and how nice it feels to be able to pay for the roof over our heads and all the delicious foods that we have stocked in our fridges and cupboards. It is that story that will allow your well being to flow. 
So, the way to allow more money to you is to simply tune yourself into the frequency where financial abundance lays. If we can all feel hopeful that it is on its way rather than it not being there yet, then it will begin to flow to you. If you can put your attention onto the paychecks and not the bills then the paychecks can increase and the bills can slow down. Eventually, you can create a belief that is so strong it will become your reality because your vibration matches the vibration of money. 
We are all capable of doing this. We are all capable of turning our thoughts from ones that feel bad to ones that feel good. Sometimes thinking about money and where it can come from and how much will come just sets you back to feeling lost confused and disappointed. We do not need to focus on money, we need to just focus on the feeling of joy. The more we begin to do this, the more we begin to see evidence because the flow of money is simply evidence that you have been feeling good and not putting any resistance on the universe. The more you see this evidence the more you will see just how powerful you really are.

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