How to Avoid False Awakenings 


If you have ever experienced a false awakening then you will know what a strange experience it is. A false awaking is an extremely vivid dream (a pre-lucid dream) where you believe that you have woken up but in actual fact, you are still asleep. Some people believe they are getting on with their day, like driving to work or making breakfast, whilst others think they have woken up in bed. This can happen on a loop for some people where they continue to think they are waking up in bed, over and over again. 
How to prevent them 
There are a few key factors to prevent them from happening often. If you do ever find yourself stuck in a loop but do actually wake up then get out of bed for ten minutes and move around otherwise it is more likely you will fall back to sleep and it will happen again. 



Have a snack
Try having a snack before bed or perhaps warm milk but avoid alcohol as it disrupts the sleeping pattern. 

Relax before going to sleep
Make sure you unwind before getting some sleep. Turn off your phone and TV. Get in the zone of sleeping and shut your mind down. 

If you do find yourself in that loop then get out of bed and stretch, do some yoga, any type of exercise you like. This will ensure that you will go straight back to sleep properly. 

Waking yourself up  
Waking yourself up from this is an art too. The first method of waking up for real is to stare at one object and focus on it. This targets the part of the brain that wakes us up. I know this method to be successful myself. Normally, the object that you are focusing on will start to go fuzzy as we wake up, a little like a head rush. Another method is to open and close our eyelids tightly. This will allow you to break free of the dream. If these methods fail then you can try putting yourself back to sleep. Lay down on your bed or the floor or whatever is there at the time and focus on moving your fingers or toes. This can connect the body to the brain and wake you up. 
It can be very alarming when we realize that we are still asleep and some people suffer from this extremely often. The tips and tricks here are extremely effective and not just for short term but for long term sufferers also. The most important one is to allow yourself to get ready for bed. A lot of people have TVs in their rooms or are on their laptops in bed and this totally disturbs your sleep. Turn your light off, meditate, relax, and tell yourself it is time to go to sleep. When the mind knows it is that time it is less likely to think it awake when it is still asleep!

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