Brainwave Power Music

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For stress relief, positive vibe ambiance, relaxation and rest.

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20Hz Meditation For Stress Relief - A simple meditative audio track created to be your sound companionship while you do your daily meditation sessions. This is also good for relieving stress and calming the mind and the emotions.

20hz Stress Relief Music - created to alleviate fatigue as well as joint and muscle pains of the lower back. It is aimed at helping you feel energized after a tiring and tense day.

Reduce Fatigue & Muscle Tension with Theta Waves - helps you to relax your tense muscles and de-clutters your mind from the chaos gained from being over-worked and the feeling of tiredness. It also works well with migraines and sinus infections such as colds and allergies.

7.83HZ Relaxing Chill Music - created using the frequencies associated with the Earth's Resonance and the orbit of Uranus which gives effects such as reduce stress, recover from jet-lag and feel recharged and revitalized.

3.5Hz Feeling of Unity Deep Relaxation with Ocean Waves - uses a frequency scientifically proven to sync with your brains natural frequencies and give the users a deep relaxation experience with feelings of unity with everything in the world and universe. The added nature sounds also help in soothing and achieving stress relief.

*To ensure a successful and complete download of our MP3 file/s, we highly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer before transferring the downloaded music track/s to your desired music player device.

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