How Creative Self-Expression Is a Form of Healing



The greatest dancers, painters and writers known to us, tell us that their ideas and inspiration comes from the core of their being. They probably tell us that they loved doing it as a child and have done it ever since. This is a gift because it means they have not lost touch with who they are throughout their life time. When we were children we had not yet learned what is 'right and wrong' and we are still in allowance to be creative. If we want to sing in the garden, we can. If we want to write poems, we can and if we want to finger paint, we can. As we get older, we are told more often that we should not do this, not do that and that we are good at this but not good at that and over time we begin to listen to our ego instead of our spirit and create a fear around such creativity. The truth is though, that if we release our divine creativity we will see a very abundant path. 



Creativity comes from the soul and if we are open minded to such creativity and not allow our ego to tell us we are incapable of achieving such things, then we can create anything. If we reach within and allow ourselves to create with our inner self we can achieve masses and we can also make careers out of this. If art is what your soul wants to do then if you can allow yourself to do so you will find that the people who love your art work will flock to you, they will want to pay good money and a lot of the time, until you get used to it, you will be stunned by such compliments. 

A creative mind leads to a creative soul as you are tapping in to the creative flow of the Universe and the universe will never lead you a stray. There are many activities which we all enjoy that helps us to feel fulfilled and feel at peace. Some like to write, others like to dance and sing but the only way we can do such things is if we allow ourselves to do so. We all contain unique talents within us but a lot of the time we are afraid to pursue it with fear of being ridiculed or fear of not making any money. However, I hear so many people who tap into their creativity say to me that when they do such activities it is if someone else is doing the work. Something just flows out of them... It is flowing out of them; their spirit is doing the work. We must all trust ourselves. 
We all have strong desires within which is simply your higher self, your conscious or your spirit calling you to the table. If you always lead with this then nothing can ever go wrong. Your spirit will always guide you along your path to creativity and you will be pleasantly surprised of what you can accomplish. You will surprise yourself and you will surprise others too. You will inspire them to tap into their creativity. If you can listen to yourself then your true potential begins to show itself and this is when miracles happen. 

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