A SELF-HEALING TOOL: Can Meditation Aid Recovery?

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Can Meditation Aid Recovery?




There is a widespread belief that cancer is caused by deviant mental processes. An outcome of this belief is that cancer may be cured by the application of the mind. Cancer is no stranger to the list of common health concerns present in today’s society. 



There are more than 100 types of cancer in the world and many different treatments for each. The most common medical therapies are Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Targeted Therapies. Although conventional methods have proved to be relatively successful, they do come at a price. Symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss and breathlessness are just some of the unpleasant manifestations that follow after treatment.  



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Fear, anxiety and depression are common during recovery. But instead of popping a pill, could practicing a few minutes of mindfulness a day be as effective as any drug?  In modern era, alternative therapies such as yoga and meditation have taken off. As more positive research unfolds, so does ones openness to embrace another way of healing the body -through the mind itself. 



Thousands of years passed until meditation finally made advancement into society. Researchers began to look into the various effects of the practice. It quickly became apparent that there was far more to gain from meditation than just a sense of spirituality. Studies show that the physical and mental effects of mediation can be very helpful.



Mindfulness allows us to step back from our thoughts and feelings and view them with a different perspective. It would be very easy to get caught up in negative thinking or feelings of anxiety and depression. But mindfulness gave an enough space to be able to embrace these emotions without getting lost. In mindful meditation, individuals are taught not to focus their attention in a singular way, but rather to be aware of any and all thoughts, feelings, sounds and images that may pass through their mind. Letting them pass through your mind, as opposed to trying to hold on to any one of them. 




You need to trust your own power to self-heal. You have an integrate power to heal to your fullest potential. Don't be passive. Take control of your own healing journey. The way to support your body's instinctive ability to self-heal was through mind-body therapies, diet, purification techniques, meditation, a spiritual discipline, movement, and daily practice. By supporting your body’s own healing abilities, it was ultimately able to heal and function at its full potential. When your body was in a serious state of breakdown, it required a level of single-minded focus and hard work incomparable by anything you had ever before attempted. You may also read ancient and modern texts on yoga, explored yoga postures, fasted, did visualization, performed physical purifications, and much more. Don’t let low-value people and activities or outside pressure discourage you from your mission to heal. 



As the results, alternative therapies have been proven over thousands of years to reduce anxiety and stress by calming the body, and helping the individual to feel more relaxed. There is no doubt that this practice can significantly improve one’s sense of well-being during such a traumatic time.




Although this practice derives from a religious background, you do not need to be religious to learn meditation. Whether you are seeking spirituality, clarity, or simply relaxation, with a little practice, anyone can learn and benefit from it. The purer your life, the more vibrant your health will be. 


To calm your thoughts and mind, try our Binaural Beat Meditation & Self-Healing (Advanced Awareness) video.





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