Brainwave Power Music

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Binaural beat with isochronic tone music accompaniments for creativity enhancements, of reaching your goals and accomplishments, and motivation frequencies to achieve success in your life.

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Relaxing Music For Inspiration, Motivation and Success - activates certain vibratory perceptions in our brain that helps us relax, reduce stress, and stay more focused on our insights. Let the creative juice flow and be inspired and motivated to reach for your goals.

8.22Hz Enhance Your Creativity - bring forth the effects of creativity which you can listen to on a daily basis.

Attract Wealth and Success - aids you for the intentions of attracting wealth and/or success in your life. It supports visualization and conceptualization, creative power and liberation. The mind is a powerful tool in sending out positive thoughts and vibrations to the universe.

*To ensure a successful and complete download of our MP3 file/s, we highly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer before transferring the downloaded music track/s to your desired music player device.

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