Brainwave Power Music

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This album promotes a collection of original music tracks that are associated with spiritual guidance, positive energy, grounding and meditation, as well as aiding you through your spiritual awakening journey.

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Ideal as audio accompaniments during your meditation sessions, prayer or just simply relaxing, the frequencies will be able to assist in providing you revitalized and optimistic outlook towards life, sensations of tranquility and serenity.

Spiritual Guidance Meditation Music - this track was created to assist and enhance your meditation experiences as you seek out wisdom and guidance.

Extremely Powerful Pure Clean Positive Energy - this music track that aims to improve and uplift the general mood, promoting clarity in the subconsciousness and even reduces headaches.

Grounding with the Earth Meditation - this signifies a full cleansing healing process with the help of the Earth's frequency. Grounding means to become balanced and whole.

Awakening Your Spirit and Consciousness Activation music track - this was made to assist you in accessing your higher self and reconnect with Spirit. It engages with creativity, intuition, and the feeling of oneness and spiritual awareness.

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