How to Stop the Nightmares and Bad Dreams


The conscious mind needs to be "turned off" for sleep and dreams to occur. Dreams contain very important messages, even bad dreams or nightmares. When you understand the hidden messages of the unconscious mind, you understand the mistakes you are making. You also learn how to correct these mistakes and do only what is positive for you. Nightmares can be extremely unpleasant, causing fear and anxiety and affecting quality of your sleep. This can lead to physical tiredness and mental stress.

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Dreams occur with specific brain waves and images and thoughts different from the normal waking state, so the dream state is usually thought of as a product of the subconscious mind. Images from the present and past are combined in ways experienced as illogical, and the dreamer is usually unable to move so that the dreams are not converted to motion. 

Here are the some tips that aimed at cultivating a healthier sleep and dream life.



1. Learn to relax.

Various techniques, tapes, music and supplements are available to promote relaxation. The hemi-sync tapes or CDs can be very useful in learning relaxation. Medication can provide assistance in difficult cases and then can be phased out as new skills are learned.

2. Inhibit intrusive negative imagery and promote positive imagery. 

Positive imagery techniques include developing and practicing thoughts/images of "special places" which are beautiful, safe and comfortable. After these techniques are learned and practiced they can be used to counter the negative images from trauma dreams. 

3. Change dream scenarios into more positive and productive dramas. 

Imagery rehearsal treatment is a type of cognitive therapy which has been found very effective in reducing nightmares in insomnia patients. The individual is encouraged to change the dream story in any way that seems right to them, starting with practice on their less intense bad dreams. Practice during the day is also necessary to learn the skills involved in re-scripting dreams. The middle and end of the dream should be changed to make it more positive or acceptable. Because bad dreams are repetitive it is best to write down the new dream script and practice it for short periods of time daily so it becomes a learned habit stronger than the old dream. Like for an example, if you are dreaming of a typhoon or tornado, the new dream could be that the weatherman announces there are no typhoon in the area and the dreamer looks outside to see the sun shining. A fantasy response could be that the dreamer becomes a superperson who fights the tornado and flings it back into the sky while crowds cheer. Pick a positive ending to a disturbing dream, write it down and then practice the new ending while you are awake.

4. Avoid eating before bed.

Eating before bed can trigger nightmares, as food speeds up your metabolism and sends signals to your brain to become more active. Therefore, it's a good idea to cut out bedtime snacks, particularly those that are high in sugar.


5. Get more physical exercise. 

Tiring yourself out with physical exercise is a great way to improve your sleep. You can choose an activity that you enjoy whether it's running, strength training, dancing, rowing or rock climbing and work out 3 to 5 times a week. Schedule it for the morning if you can. Just don't exercise right before bed. It will leave you too amped up for sleep.

Your dreams will have a totally different meaning. They will reflect your progress, instead of reflecting your mistakes. You will be able to make very important future predictions after seeing meaningful dream warnings. Instead of dreaming about dangerous situations and bad events, you’ll see positive dream symbols, and learn many things you ignore.


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