The Power Of Self-Appreciation For Self-Esteem And Confidence

Two of the most potent things that can cripple a person’s life from reaching its full potential are a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Without these two things, latent talents, cultivated skills, and acquired knowledge and intelligence can lay dormant and untapped, denying the world a light that can possibly change it for the better. So how does one increase confidence and self-esteem? One way is through the power of self-appreciation.

What is self-appreciation?

On first glance, it seems like it is quite easy to understand: “self-appreciation, means to appreciate one’s self right? That’s it?” While that partly covers it, self-appreciation is so much more. Self-appreciation refers to a sensitive understanding of your own value, to see, understand, and accept yourself, what you want to do, and what you want to be.



It is not a quantifiable thing, like how we see and accept confidence and self-esteem (hence being able to say “low” or “high” self-esteem) but rather a process that leads one to recognize their own value from a very broad perspective, ranging from aesthetic, to social, to spiritual. It is being sensitive to what is real about one’s self, whether good or bad, and being aware of pros and cons that are either not being given enough credit, or given too much. It is seeing the silver lining of hardships, and being thankful for moments that were easy and rewarding.

In general, self-appreciation is being able to understand the value of what you know about yourself, and wanting to know more about yourself. To begin the process of self-appreciating, the first step is to stop, list down all the positives and negatives in your life, honestly, and reflect on what comes out. It may not be done in one sitting (as mentioned, it is a continuous process) but listing down what comes to mind is a good springboard. From this point, it is simply accepting what you have written, and being open to understand each specific thing even more.
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How self-appreciation relates to confidence and self-esteem

What is it exactly that affects self-esteem and confidence greatly? Positive reinforcement and negative feedback. When a person receives positive reinforcement for something, their confidence about that increases, and when negative feedback is given instead, confidence decreases. This is normal behavior, but when the confidence increases or decreases to a fault, then it becomes a problem. Self-appreciation helps with this by fully appreciating and understanding one’s self enough to accept whatever feedback is given, and then use it to further improve.

For example, a person who is good in basketball is given praise for his skills, perhaps too much praise. Without self-appreciation, this feedback could lead to being too reckless in his game for being overconfident, which can negatively impact what that person is actually good at. But suppose negative feedback is given, despite his knowledge of being good in basketball. That person without self-appreciation can then be affected and lose confidence, actually hindering him from using the skills he already has.

What self-appreciation does is slow the person down, reinforces that person’s faith in himself (in this case, his basketball skills), and then begin to connect to himself and try to understand why the feedback was given. If it was a positive reinforcement, self-appreciation stops it from going to the head too much, and then prompts the person to think, “what else can I improve on? How can I make my game better?” A negative comment then is stopped from being too crippling, and self-appreciation can make the person ask “why did he say that? What can I improve on to address it?”

The same can be said even if the person turns out to be bad in basketball. Self-appreciation makes the person know that positive reinforcement is meant to motivate, and not really a sign of his actual improvement and negative feedback is simply an affirmation of what he already knows (that he is bad in basketball) and then use it as fuel for improvement.

It is through this dynamic of understanding one’s self, and taking the outside stimuli properly, that self-appreciation can improve one’s confidence and self-esteem. To help you with this, we created this binaural beats track for positive thoughts, which you can listen to during your meditations.


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