The Global Consciousness: Ascension Through The Power Of The Consensus

Have you ever felt that you are a part of a greater whole? And by that, we mean more than being an employee in a company, or a part of a school. What we mean is did you at one point feel like somehow, your consciousness, your very being, is a cog in a collective that, when working in unison, can shape the future of the world and the human race? If so, then you have probably tapped into the Global Consciousness, also known as the Consensus.

What Are The Global Consciousness?

The Global Consciousness theory states that when human consciousness becomes awakened and coherent, what is supposed to be random events in the world change, and is affected by the synchronization of the feelings and thoughts of millions of people. It is the idea that there is an emerging unifying field of consciousness that has been foretold by shamans and sages of different cultures from history up to now, the emergence of which could herald a great leap forward for the human race.

It is also known as The Consensus, the collective belief of the human race that governs our reality as we know it today. 



There have been experiments done all over the world that have shown that consciousness and intention have created subtle but very important effects in the world, especially when groups of people band together psychically, intentionally or otherwise, the result of which is a collective experience of special resonance of feelings and ideas.

The human brain is composed of multitudes of cells that fire off electrical energy, collectively creating our consciousness and thought patterns. When different parts of the brain focus on different things, very little can be done. But when all of the brain cells synchronize and work together, focusing, things can be accomplished by the person, whether it’s as simple as thinking of an idea for work or something as complex as mapping out the entire human genome.

Now, imagine the planet Earth as a big brain, and each human as a cell that fires off electrical energy (supported scientifically by the fact that living things emit electrical fields.) Just like the brain’s cells, if all the people synchronized consciously, the collective can achieve great strides in everything that the collective decides.

But in some esoteric circles, the Global Consciousness theory is capable of more than just that.

Beyond Shared Thoughts

Some proponents believe that the change that will be brought about by the collective awakening and synchronization of the human consciousness will do more than simply unite the human race to move it forward. In some more esoteric circles, the global consciousness is capable of much more, actually bending reality and is a beacon for higher civilizations to contact us and finally reveal themselves. And that the process has already begun.

According to some circles, an event called “The Ascension” will signal the great leap in consciousness, giving the human race the ability to bend reality, will events and things into existence, and for the planet to “shine like a beacon”, transcending existing reality.
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“Bending” reality is actually possible already, albeit in a more subtle form. Everything a person puts energy into, creates situations in life that brings events, things, and people to suit it. Consciously changing thoughts and emotions towards this goal would bring about change for their lives. However, once Ascension occurs, according to its proponents, this “bending” reality will be more literal, with the human race being able to conjure up the things it needs and wants to move forward. Like lucid dreaming, but reality.

In addition, many circles believe that a global shift in consciousness already happened before, which is the reason why the human race is where it is now, subjected by rules and laws of physics. According to some circles, in ancient times, civilizations existed in a paradigm where magic and the supernatural are normal, everyday parts of life. This is supposedly the reason for all the unexplained wonders of the ancient world, and why even up to now we have a belief that somehow, magic and sorcery exist and can be used.

However, as the masses’ beliefs changed, so too the Consensus changed, and the human race, previously able to use magic, lost their metaphysical abilities, being bound instead by physical rules. But science is not the enemy; in fact it is science that will bring about the confirmation of the global consciousness and the higher reality, thus ushering yet another change in the Consensus, returning the human race back to its Ascended state.

This sounds like a lot to take in, and these are all just theories, at the moment, but it is exciting what the future holds for us as a race, isn’t it? In the meantime, listen to this binaural beats track for consciousness awakening that can help expand your own consciousness.


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