Set Your Lucid Dream Intentions: Why And How

Lucid dreaming is truly an amazing experience if done correctly. We’ve discussed how to prepare for lucid dreaming, what to expect when lucid dreaming, and how binaural beats can help in lucid dreaming, all of which can pave the way for a better lucid dream experience. But believe it or not, lucid dreams can still be much better! And that is done by having a lucid dream intention.

What is a lucid dream intention?

Simply put, a lucid dream intention is a goal or objective that the dreamer sets prior to dreaming and will aim to achieve once the dream starts. Not only does this make the lucid dream more solid and less prone to ending without any resolution, it also improves the quality of the lucid dream; instead of simply using the lucid dream for self-gratification (which can totally be done), the lucid dream can then be used for a lot more, like self-improvement and being in-touch with one’s inner self.



Think of it this way. A lucid dream without a lucid dream intention is like an improv performance. It can be fun and spontaneous, but the end goal can be blurry and it might not have a clear path to an ending.

A lucid dream with intention is like a show with a basic script. The dreamer already has a story in mind, and there is a clear goal at the end, but the details still have to be filled up, which the dreamer will do so while dreaming.

Having an intention right at the beginning also trains the dreamer to have more control of the lucid dream, and makes them better and better at controlling, and thus fully enjoying the lucid dream experience. Not only that, having a clear intention for the lucid dream greatly reduces the risk of having a lucid nightmare, since the path is clearer; in fact, one can have a lucid dream intention –specifically- to confront nightmares and deal with them, thus using lucid dreaming for a higher purpose: dealing with fear (we will discuss this in a future blog post soon.)

Setting the intent

Believe it or not, setting an intention for a lucid dream is as simple as telling yourself about it and continuously thinking about it as you drift to induce your lucid dream. There are a number of methods that many people employ, such as repeating a mantra over and over (which is also another way of relaxing the mind while repeating the intent; hit two birds with one stone) while others use powerful mental visualization during the lucid dream induction process.

Whether or not the dreamer ends up in a lucid dream immediately, or a non-lucid dream first, the intention will serve as a compass to guide the dream; in non-lucid dreams, the intention can serve as a trigger for the lucid dream, allowing the dreamer to start the lucid dream experience simply by being able to keep the intention strong.

But remember this : the lucid dream intent is a compass. It is meant as a guide, a north star, not a detailed map that will give you every single instruction or step. That is best left as a surprise and part of the experience! If you happen to feel like you’re straying from your intention, keep it in mind, hold on to it, and regardless of whatever twists and turns you experience, and whether or not you achieve your intent in one dream, you will eventually get to it!

Strengthening your intention

There are a couple of ways to strengthen your lucid dream intention to increase your chances at achieving it. 

One way is to have a mantra to repeat over and over while you are awake. A mantra can simply be a phrase or a set of small sentences that dictate the intention of the dreamer, and are spoken or thought of repetitively.

Some people do this while they go about their day, constantly setting the intent for the lucid dream to come. But for people who cannot hold their thoughts well, this can lead to a very distracted day. So, others do this instead for a shorter period of time, just before they head to bed.

Another is visualization, where the dreamer uses imagery to instill the intent of the dream. To some
this can be more powerful than the words of a mantra as it sets a clear image of what they want to achieve in a dream, but can be a challenge for people who have a hard time visualizing thoughts into images. Like the mantra, dreamers can do this during the day or just before they drift to sleep.

And finally, using binaural beats is a good way to strengthen the intention, especially when done in conjunction with the two previous methods. This occurs when binaural beats are used to expand the mind and enhance the dream experience by influencing the brainwaves, altering it in such a way that it makes it easier to achieve lucid dreaming and keep to the lucid dreaming intention.

We do not advise listening to binaural beats while going about your day, so this is best reserved when you are relaxing or in a peaceful environment.


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