Overcome Your Nightmares With The Power Of Lucid Dreaming

The visions we experience at night during dreams are not always pleasant. While most are of wondrous things, sometimes, our dreams turn into unpleasant ones, called nightmares, which simply put is a bad dream that is disturbing at best, terrifying at worst. Many of these nightmares are vividly realistic and almost indistinguishable from reality, even if they seem like unlikely events, that awaken the dreamer from their sleep, and can cause everything from lethargy due to lack of sleep to crippling terror and fear of sleeping again.

There are a number of ways to treat nightmares, but perhaps one of the most powerful is through lucid dreaming.

An Ounce Of Prevention

Before we talk about using lucid dreaming to overcome nightmares through lucid dreaming, learning about the possible causes of nightmares can help stop it before it even happens.  

There are many possible causes, mostly linked to the brain being affected by the actions done or received the person.

  • Eating late at night - causes the body to increase its metabolism and make the brain active, causing it to produce vivid images
  • Drugs and potent medication - many drugs, from legal ones like those taken for depression, blood pressure, and even the simple cough and cold, to illegal ones like cocaine and crack, can cause a nightmare reaction
  • Work stress, personal anxiety, depression, and PTSD - worries of all levels can cause the brain to be active at night, compounded by negative and sad feelings, can cause nightmares.


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Reducing if not downright eliminating these causes can greatly diminish the risks of nightmares. But one key component in stopping nightmares is to set a lucid dream intention, and to practice lucid dreaming. This will set the stage for your nightly escapades to the dreamworld, and consciously avert nightmares.

But what happens when a nightmare happens already? Is there a way to end it without going through the whole experience?

The answer is YES.


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Breaking The Nightmare With Reality Checks

Reality checking is being able to recognize if you are dreaming or awake. This is a common and crucial step in entering lucidity, but what many people don't realize, is that it is a powerful tool when it comes to overcoming nightmares.

If the dreamer is able to recognize the dream state during a nightmare through performing a reality check to confirm, they can take control of the nightmare and choose to do one of three things: wake up, face the nightmare head on, or transform the nightmare into a pleasant dream.

A basic result of performing a reality check and succeeding is waking up, usually the choice of a dreamer who simply wants to get out of the horrifying experience. As well, when a mind is not yet trained to fully take control of dreams, most of the time it will simply order the brain and subsequently to wake up. This ends the dream leaving nothing more than a scary memory of the nightmare to deal with.

The other choice is to face and tackle the nightmare. Recognizing that one is dreaming, the mind can then take control of the nightmare and instead of simply waking up, confront it to its full extent and learn from it, knowing that they are safe from harm. Understanding the nightmare can make the dreamer more resilient to it. And because most nightmares are tied to the dreamer’s personal experiences and worries, this option can be very useful for people who have recurring nightmares or are experiencing constant anxiety, stress, fears, and phobias.

Finally, advanced minds that can fully control their dreams through lucidity, can not just recognize the nightmare, or face it head on, but actually transform the nightmare into a dream, thereby overcoming it fully and turning a scary experience, not just a learning one like when the dreamer simply deals with it, but actually a pleasant, positive one, which reinforces the dreamer's courage against nightmares.

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